Beauty Parlor Industry Essay

Industry Analysis Beauty parlor is specializing in services such as nail care, skin care, and make over. Beauty parlors offer a wider range of services, allowing people to come to one location to satisfy an assortment of beauty needs. Beauty parlors may also offer training, for people who want to maintain a beauty parlor or hair beauty saloon Beauty parlors are providing high services, satisfaction and latest beauty treatments to the customers.Beauty parlors are the easy way which provide to its customers quality products, new looks, better treatments regarding their problems and enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price and value relationship. The main mission of the beauty parlors is to supply services and products to the clients.

Clients are the main focus of the beauty parlors. Services at a beauty parlor can include manicures and pedicures, facials, body wraps, body polishes, waxing, hair threading and makeup etc The number of beauty clinics in Pakistan has increased at a fast pace over the last few years.The size of this sector of service industry is still growing.

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Due to very low amount of investment that is required to start a beauty Parlour, the number of such establishments has cropped up in houses all over the country. Similarly, large Beauty Clinics have also been opened in prime business locations in all over the country. Proper marketing is essential to attract clients for a newly established beauty clinic. Once a reasonable clientele is achieved, the stress on marketing can be decreased as it is automatically done through recommendations from existing clients to potential clients.It at least takes a year to establish and achieve a reasonable clientele for a new beauty clinic. The ever-growing population of marriageable aged girls and boys, and consequent constant growth in demand for the services to be offered by the proposed beauty clinic is the basic rationale for setting up such an enterprise. Although, this promises a good return on investment and reasonable profit potential, but it requires regular and proper attention from the entrepreneur.

To run a professional Beauty Clinic is a full time job and requires continuous hard work and attention.Anyone who is not qualified and is not prepared to put in best possible effort; concentration and hard working should not attempt to enter in this business. A beauty clinic requires about a time period of one year to establish itself properly, which requires very aggressive marketing efforts at the entrepreneur’s end. Another important success factor of this business in Pakistan would be consistency of service. If one customer leaves the clinic unsatisfied, the reputation of the place is adversely affected, as marketing is mostly done through word of mouth after the first few months.Different types of beauty parlors 1.

Hair care beauty parlor 2. Manicure, pedicure, nail art beauty parlor 3. Hair colorist, stylist beauty parlor 4. Electrologist beauty parlor • Hair care beauty parlor In hair care hair cut, hair massage with different oils and serums is included. To eradicate the dandruff from hair, different scalp problems and split problems. Many hair care beauty parlors are giving services. Proper hair care will lead to healthier and better-looking hair.

Bad hair care not taking care of your hair can lead to breakage, split ends, dull hair, and early hair loss.So for hair care there are many hair beauty saloons, which present the precious advices of experts regarding the problems. Many hair care experts and dermatologist treat the problems of clients in the hair beauty saloons • Manicure, pedicure, nail art beauty parlor In manicure, pedicure is a treatment for the fingernails or hands. In every beauty parlor there is a portion for manicure, pedicure and nails art. A common type of manicure, pedicure involves shaping the nails and applying nail polish. Nail art also provided by beauty parlors.A nail technician specializes in the art form and care of nails.

This includes manicures, pedicures, gel nails, nail wraps, fake nails. • Hair colorist, stylist beauty parlor In hair beauty saloons a hair stylist is someone who cuts and styles hair. He or she can also offer other services such as coloring, styling, extensions and straightening.

In hair beauty hair saloons good hairstylist has a sense of fashion and the ability to know what style will look the best on a client. A colorist in hair beauty saloons is a hair stylist that specializes in coloring hair.There are many hair beauty saloons, which bestow to the clients with hair color teams and with new ideas of hair coloring. • Electrologist beauty parlor: In beauty parlor accommodates a friendly, fair and creative environment with latest ideas and offers.

There are many beauty parlors, which provide many services just like threading and waxing. Body wax, under arm wax, arms wax and legs wax. An electrologist offers services with the use of a machine. As to the hair removal via waxing offered by an esthetician, hair removal via electrolysis is permanent.


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