Did you know the queen, worker, and drone are the three bees that live in a hive and help create honey? Just with three types of bees there can be up to 200,000 bees in one colony!. This is how these diligent little insects are able to create one of the best tasting condiment you can have. There are also books and movies about bees. In this essay you will learn about the way honey is made, and how bees are portrayed in books and movies.

Every single bee in a bee-hive has a specific job, and because of how well they are able to do it so well they can make the condiment we call honey.(“How Bees Make Honey”) There are usually 100,000-200,000 bees in one hive even though only 22700 are needed to make a jar of honey. To start the honey making process, the bee must collect two types of food. The first food they need is nectar which comes from flowers. The second food they need is pollen which comes from the anthers, the part of a stamen that contains the pollen, in flowers. Once the honeybee has found a flower it will suck up the nectar or pollen in the flower.

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“As she sucks the nectar from the flower, it is stored in her special honey stomach ready to be transferred to the honey-making bees in the hive”(“How Bees Make Honey”). The bee then will collect nectar until their sac is full. The bee will then fly back to their hive where the honey is transported. The honey bee starts by giving the nectar to another bee inside, and they will transport it mouth to mouth.

The honey is then placed into the honeycomb hexagons and to finish this process the bees will cover the honeycomb hexagons with wax.(“How Bees Make Honey”) Eventually the honey will “bee” fed to the babies. Overall there is a very tedious yet rewarding process when creating honey. Bees are represented in so many ways in different forms of media, fictional or realistic. Bees can be discussed in movies and in books. There are many books about bees.

Classics include Secret Life of Bees, The Bees, and A Book of Bees: And How to Keep Them. The secret life of bees is a fictional book discussing the life of Lily Owens, a 14 year old during the summer of 1964 in Sylvan, South Carolina. Although the book A Book of Bees: And How to Keep Them is a nonfiction biography of Sue Hubbell and her experiences of living on a 100-acre honey-producing farm in the Ozarks. Bees are also represented in movies. One of most famous classics in the modern time is the heroic story of the bee movie.

Barry the Bee is a bee who has just graduated from college. He doesn’t like working with honey so he decides to go outside his hive. He gets lost in New York City and finds a woman named Vanessa. They talk for a while but then he eventually sees that the humans have been taking honey from their hive. They eventually decide to sue the humans.

Overall bees are represented in both books and movie, although each form of media might have a different purpose than the other. This essay discussed the way honey is made, and how bees are portrayed in books and movies. In the first paragraph i describe the hardships bees go through to create honey. This would include the collection of necar, the transwe of the nectar between bees, and finally the collection of honey. The second paragraph discussed books and movies about bees. This included the secret life of bees and the classical masterpiece, the bee movie.

Overall bees have to work very hard to make honey and the different ways people like to show representations of bees.


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