Benefits of Adoption Essay

Adoption is a wonderful and rewarding way to grow a family.

When you open your heart and house to a child through adoption, you make an everlasting commitment. It Is an Important decision that requires thought and discussion among the inure family. Adopting a child is without a doubt a life changing experience that requires patience and dedication. This experience allows families to change a child’s life who one day may have thought that they would never be loved. Parents who adopt from infertility have already felt what loss and disappointment feels like due to not being able to bear a child.Many times these same parents have experienced prior miscarriages or even unsuccessful fertility clinics. For them, the opportunity to adopt is a great way to start a family. There are hundreds, If not thousands of kids, from different backgrounds who are waiting with open hands.

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It is sad to know that many of these children come from broken home, homes that were filled with violence and instability. They are eventually removed and placed in foster care for a short period f time. As families can imagine, living in a foster home must be a confusing and insecure time for them.

Although these foster care homes try their very best to keep sibling together at times It becomes difficult and they end up placed In different homes. According to the information obtained from the child welfare department, there are an estimated 100,000 adoptions in the United States. Sources say that parents who chose this route always go through a process that encourages self-reflection and consideration about their reasons for wanting to adopt as well as their expectations for the child and the parenthood experience. Child Welfare Info Gateway 2012) There are many adoption agencies In the New York State. According to the office of children and family services, every year 58 Social Service Districts has an adoption unit, and more than 70 authorized voluntary agencies statewide work with adopting families. (Adopt a child 2013) Choosing an agency is one of the most important steps.

This is because they are your primary source and contact between the child and their new parent. Once an agency Is chosen, there are a number of applications to be completed and submitted.Many steps go Into determining whether or not the applicant’s house hold Is ready and fit for the child. The Individual wishing to adopt must petition the court to grant adoption, presenting evidence that they have satisfied the necessary statutory elements. A long court process continues in order to ensure that every legal matter is satisfied and parents are approved to adopt. A great benefit of adopting is also that you can receive help with housing, living expenses, transportation and maternity clothes.

Therefore, the parent should not be concerned about not having any assistance with the new child at home as the government realizes the responsibility at hand when adopting, and is available to assist in any and all way possible. Understanding the purpose of adopting makes the entire process worth wild. It is more and more evident that every day, children bring Sotto a home. They are in need of love, care, understanding and family bonding. Children are our future and it Is Important that they get all of the education that they need as youngsters.This will everything needed, will also assist in the transition of going from a broken home “here they may have been abused at one point or where they lacked love and care to bright future.

It is said that adoption differs by adoption type. For example, Children adopted internationally are more likely than children adopted from foster care or privately adopted. (ASPS 2012). As stated on many adoption web sources, it is said that for many adoptive parents, completing the adoption placement brings them sense of accomplishment.

For the child, once adopted, as they grow up, they develop sense of their identity, a sense of psychology well-being. (Child Dive. 1984) As they grow older, they gradually develop a self-concept and self-esteem. Ultimately, they learn to be comfortable with themselves.

(Child Dive 1984). In conclusion, adopting is absolutely something to consider. The most important thing to remember is that every child needs a safe and loving home. Any family who believes that they can provide security, love and safety to a child in need should consider taking this role.It is an unforgettable, life changing experience not only for the parent but for the child as well. Parents have the opportunity to provide that child a normal life which would otherwise be missing. Some researchers say that adopted children who were once in a foster care tend to misbehave or act a certain Nay in order to create a feeling of rejection, anger, pain and abandonment in their parents.

This testing behavior may actually indicate that the child feels comfortable enough with the parent to communicate his or her own true feelings.


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