Benito Mussolini Essay

Benito Mussolini Born in Predappio Forli Italy on July 29th 1883. Died April 28th 1945 in Giulino di Mezzegra Italy at the Age of 61. Slide 2 Benito Mussolini got his name from the Mexican Revolutionary Benito Juarez Benito’s mother Rosa was a elementary school teacher. Early in Benito’s life, he looked up to his father Alessandro who was a blacksmith, and was actively involved in the local politics. Benito helped his father work as a blacksmith, and in doing so, he gained many of his father’s values. Alessandro Mussolini was a socialist who was incredibly nationalist, a bit of an anarchist, and had a very short temper.

The local police were aware of Alessandro’s political tactics, and warned him to stop threatening people’s property. Alessandro was known for threatening those who disagreed with him and during riots in 1902, he was jailed, although, this time he did not participate. The socialists at this time period were tired of the poverty in Italy, and the weak political structure in place. Alessandro, like many other Italians at the time wanted a new, more effective government. The picture on the right is of Benito Mussolini, his wife Rosa, and his children Ebba ( born 1910), Vittario (born 1916) and Bruno (born 1918) Slide 3

Benito had a fairly troubled childhood. Most Italians were poor, but the Mussolni’s were slightly more financially stable. Benito was constantly bullied at school, and was occasionally involved in fights at school. In one instance, Benito was so fed up with being bullied, so he stabbed the fellow student in the hand with a pair of scissors. He was expelled from the school before he was 12. Although Benito was on the violent side, he still managed to achieve good grades in school, and graduated from his school in 1901, to become a schoolmaster.

Benito briefly taught as a school teacher for almost a year, before he would be asked to leave. Benito was seeing a married woman while he was teaching at the school. During one argument, his anger got the best of him, and he would stab the woman in the arm. Benito would briefly flee to Switzerland to avoid military service, but he would be expelled from the country for revolutionary activities. He would return to Italy and join the army briefly, but he would be injured by shrapnel and return to Italy. Slide 4 After returning from the war, Mussolini was offered a job at the official socialist newspaper Avanti.

He worked there briefly before becoming the editor. He wrote many of the articles and his strong messages captured audiences across Italy. For the first time, people in Italy started to recognize Benito Mussolini At first most of his messages were anti- war and trying to convince Italy to stay neutral in the war. But near the end of his career at Avanti, he published an article that encouraged Italy to join the war. This angered the owners of the Magazine and Benito was fired for publishing an article that directly opposed their view.


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