Beowulf – Original writing Essay

Silence in the hall dark and deeper, another night for the men. One of the feasters sleeping in Heorot was doomed and soon to die…

Grendels mother was worried that he had not come home for his supper, she comes out of her cave and shouts,” Grendel, honey where are you? ” The tree leaves moves and the voice echoes throughout the moors, still Grendel was no where to found or heard.Meanwhile back in the forest the party began. A huge fireplace was lit up surrounded by a table full of piping hot chicken, turkey and some beers. There was a delightful and cosy atmosphere. The feasters congratulated Beowulf on his victorious killing of Grendel. It was nearly midnight; suddenly the ground was shook just like an earthquake. The Geats bounded out of their chairs and ran to get their sharp and shiny spears, daggers swords and hot flaming torches. They put on their armour and looked around to see what had made the ground shake.

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Grendels mother Sheba appeared, She was as tall as a giraffe and so ugly that a mirror could shatter into millions of pieces. She was hairy, dirty and smelt like manure. Sheba had paws as sharp as a lion’s and the look of a tiger targeting its prey. She looked as furious as the flaming orange/red fire reflected in her eyes.

She started attacking the Geats. The atmosphere suddenly changed, it becomes like a tempered dog fight .She was too supreme and strong for them she just simply threw them over her shoulders. Beowulf drew his shiny silver sword and ran towards her screaming. She just pushed him away.

Beowulf got up and whirledHis sword at her. He had half sliced her neck she was bleeding heavily. Blood was pouring out as like as an open tap. The amount of blood she lost could almost fill a swimming pool.

She tripped him up, snatched the sword of him, and cut his left arm off. Beowulf was in terrible pain, he was shouting and screaming. Beowulf used all his force and pushed her off.

He got up and repeatedly stabbed her in the heart with his dagger. Bleeding heavily, Beowulf staggered away slowly succumbing to the inevitable.


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