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Angel Alba English 1 period 4 When it comes to the topic of why people fail or succeed many people would agree that you must possess some traits to help you throughout high school.

Traits that will help you with graduate high school and not being one of the people standing outside watching their friends graduate. I have picked 3 traits to help me and maybe others to get to high school and become the class of 2016.Being resourceful is a trait I hope to fulfill or in other words gain to further develop my progress to become one of individuals in the class of 2016. As a student at Wells Middle School unfortunately did not take advantage of my resources throughout the 3 years I was there. I did not get tutoring when needed, rarely took and even use my notes. When tests came near sometimes my teachers gave me a study sheet or something that would help me on my tests or exams as some call them. I would never or rarely take a glimpse at the sheet; I would think that I would ace the test anyways.

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However when a test came near I had trouble with some of the questions. While reading “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell I found some examples of being resourceful. Rainsford, a character in the story was being hunted by the notorious hunter general Zaroff.

He used his head to try to outsmart the dangerous man hunting him; he built three traps out of his surroundings. Rainsford is also a hunter and he hunted all over the world and learned how to build these traps to kill the animals he was hunting. The first trap he built was the Maylay Man-catcher, which basically was a dead, fallen tree with a trip wire attached to it.When Zaroff came Rainsford was hiding nearby. Zaroff saw the trap, but it was already too late. The tree struck his shoulder causing him to go home for the night.

This trait of resourcefulness will help me in life by making tests easier and not getting me so stressed out over a test. I will ask for tutoring, when needed and I will try to stop being so lazy to get up and go. I believe this trait will help me be an individual in the class of 2016. Another more important trait in my opinion is being determined and not just quitting as others around me just do.

I hope to never lose this valuable trait because this holds me together so I won’t break down and just quit. An example of me being determined was in my 8th grade year at Wells Middle School. At the end of the year people promoted and got ready for high school. To promote I had to get at least a 2.

0 GPA and have no f’s in any of my main classes like math or English. Of course for me a 2. 0 GPA was unacceptable to me so I shot for a 3. 5 or better.

It was somewhat difficult for me because I wasn’t very resourceful and was a huge procrastinator.Despite having those problems the determination of promoting and making my family proud kept me going and kept me pushing through lots of obstacles I had. The classes I had made the year unbearable for me as well, I had honors classes. The hardest of them all was English honors, I had and f at one point in the year. I brought that f to an A by using my determination that I knew was key to my success. While reading “Miraculous survivors” by John Blake I noticed many of the people who survived when all hope seemed lost had mass amounts of determination.

One example was during the 9/11 attacks, when terrorist hijacked planes filled with innocent lives demolished the twin towers. Instead of following the security protocols the people in the building were determined to get out alive and see their families again. This trait can really be useful for high school and all the obstacles I’m already or going to be going through. I’m going to be determined to pass all my IB/AP classes, I’m going to earn the IB diploma, and I will be determined to graduate high school. The final trait I believe that will help me graduate is the trait of self-reliance.

Self-reliance is basically thinking for you and rely on no one but yourself to get the job done. This is a trait I hope to gain to graduate high school. While reading “The Night I Won the Right to the Streets of Memphis” by Richard Wright I found examples of self-reliance. The boy was going to the store to get groceries for his mother when suddenly out of nowhere a gang of older boys attacked him.

They took his money and ran off, the boy crying and shaken went back to his mother who sent him back with more money.Of course he got robbed again and went back, got more money so on and so on. The final time his mother gave him a big heavy stick and told him to fight back. However the boy was scared, but the mother said she won’t let him in the house and she will hit him if he doesn’t stand up for himself. He couldn’t rely on anyone but himself to fight back. When the boys came back to rob him again he bashed the stick against their heads. The boy in the story had to have self-reliance to stand up against those boys.

I can use self-reliance to my advantage by basically getting up from bed on my own.I can rely on myself to study and do well on my exams. I have to start being independent and not expect someone to hold my hand throughout high school. These 3 traits I believe will get me and others through to tough 4 years of high school so they can graduate.

NO one can go through high school without possessing some kind of traits. Society should care because if more and more people possess traits like the 3 I just talked about the more people can graduate high school. Traits are key to one’s success especially in high school.


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