Bill of Rights Essay

Hello President Obama, The rights that are presented to the American citizens are created to protect and defend individual rights, while some rights are non-negotiable, there are many that are not absolute, for safety purposes. In order to protect citizens and ensure of their safety, certain changes must be made to ensure safety to the American citizens. The Constitution was created to protect and limit certain ideas and rights created by and given to Americans to ensure that the communities and colonies could grow and make progress in the expansion of the country.Addressing the case of the government forcing the citizens to evacuate their homes, Amendment 3 states that no man should be forced out of his house.

Forcing families and people to evacuate their homes is an action against the Constitution due to the fact that the peoples’ rights are to reside in and have full ownership of their house, which means that the government doesn’t have the right to come in and take over a citizen’s house.I believe that the government had no reason to force people to evacuate their houses, if they believe they would rather be in their own quarters than out at a different “safe haven”, the government had no right to force the evacuation process. As far as the case that was stated about the citizens that were denied the right to bring legally owned firearms to storm shelters, Amendment 2 states that American’s have the right to bear arms.I believe that the right to bear arms is a very importantly stated amendment because of the fact that people need to be able to legally defend themselves if they are ever put into a situation that their lives are endangered. I appreciate you allowing me the time to address my concerns towards the situations stated above, I hope you take my arguments into consideration. Sincerely, Amy Phillips


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