Billy wandered down the empty streets of Sheffield Essay

Billy wandered down the empty streets of Sheffield.

The orange glow of the city lights reflected off the wet road. He could vaguely see the North Star as he looked up to the night sky. There was a slow hum of a pizza delivery moped as it traveled up the road.

He turned into a dark ally. There was a crate of empty beer bottles on one side with a few soggy cardboard boxes next to it. He sat down opposite them. Billy started to think. He remembered why he had left home and searched for his father. He remembered Kes; the way she glided through the air and suddenly darted down to catch the lure. As he was thinking he slowly drifted away into a dream.

Whack! A sharp pain traveled up Billy’s arm. He could see a blurred figure standing before him through his sleepy eyes. “Gior, who wa that?” As his eyes came into focus he saw a policeman standing in front of him. The policeman was wearing full uniform and was brandishing a truncheon.

His shiny shoes nudged Billy. “Ain’t ya got the message, we don’t like trouble makers here””I war only sleeping” replied Billy.”Yeah and making a nuisance of urself,” added the policeman.

Billy got up and dusted himself down. He backed away. “What’s your name lad?” asked the policeman.

“Billy” he mumbled.”What?””Billy Casper” He shouted.”Gosh I used to know a man called Casper,” said the policeman. Billy’s eyes lit up. Could it really be my dad? Billy thought to himself.

“Aye and he had a son called Billy,” added the policeman.”Do you know where he lives,” asked Billy.”Course I do,” he replied, “come on I’ll give you a lift in my car” Billy followed the policeman out the ally and into the main street. It was about 8:30 and the roads were packed with impatient business in their cars all hooting and shouting as they made their way to work. A bus came steaming past both of them and shook Billy from side to side. The gust bought an empty coke can to Billy’s feet, which he crushed with his dirty pumps.

The policeman opened the door of his patrol car and singled for Billy to get in. “Come on lad what are you waiting for?” he asked.”Nothing it just seems weird stepping into a police car without being in trouble” replied Billy. The policeman gave Billy a funny look as he stepped in the car and shut the door behind him. They drove off down the busy streets and out of the city.It was a good hour before they pulled up to a small house at the end of a cul-de-sac.

The front door of the house was a dark green mossy color and there was paint pealing off around the letterbox and spy hole.”Smashing house said Billy, seems like a palace compared to what I’m used to,” said Billy, “I hope this really is my father””He’s a good man,” replied the policeman. “Go on then, ring the doorbell,” he added. Billy raised his hand and placed one grubby finger on the button. He took a deep breath and pressed it down. He stepped back. The door slowly opened.

Billy could feel goosebumps on his arms and neck. A tall man stood in front of him. He had greyish black hair and was wearing some small wire framed glasses, behind them were a pair of brown eyes. Billy gulped. The policeman stepped in front of him.”Hello Richard,” said the man at the door.

” It isn’t like you to pay me a visit””Well this isn’t just any old visit, I think we may have your long lost son here!” said the policeman.”Nonsense!” replied the man; “I don’t even have a son””Are you sure?” asked the policeman.”Positive,” the man replied. As Billy heard this he turned round and ran back up the road. “Come back Billy shouted the policeman!” Billy ignored him.

Out of the drive he went, faster, faster back past the river he had passed earlier. Tears pouring down his cheeks, over a bridge back to the city, faster, faster never stopping never tiring down the side of the main road he ran. For over an hour he ran back to the city. When he got there he stopper. This is my real home, he thought to himself; I live on the streets!The skies slowly darkened and it started to rain.

Still crying Billy sat down on the edge of the pavement. A steady flow of water trickled past his feet and into the gutter. A torn newspaper was blown by the wind as it stuck to his shoe.

He ripped it of and stamped on it. A roll of thunder made Billy look up at the sky. As he did so he saw a man standing in front of him. It was the policeman!”Come on lad lets get you out of the rain, I’ve got a spare room in my house. If you do some jobs that’ll pay for your rent,” He said.

“Do you want to give it a chance? After thinking about it for a while Billy nodded.”Thanks for giving me a second chance,” said Billy”No problem,” said the policeman. He helped Billy up and the two of them made their way back to the patrol car.


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