Bio Ch. 13.2

In animals, somatic cells are produced by mitosis and ____ are produced by meiosis.
A) gametes
All of the following are functions of meiosis in plants except
E) production of spores.
After telophase I of meiosis, the chromosomal makeup of each daughter cell is
D) haploid, and the chromosomes are each composed of two chromatids.

How do cells at the completion of meiosis compare with cells that have replicated their DNA and are just about to begin meiosis?
D) They have half the number of chromosomes and one-fourth the amount of DNA.
When does the synaptonemal complex disappear?
A) Late prophase of meiosis I
Which of the following terms belongs with the words synapsis, tetrads, and chiasmata?
B. crossing over
Tetrads of chromosomes are aligned at the center of the cell; independent assortment soon follows.
Synapsis of homologous pairs occurs; crossing over may occur.
A) I
Centromeres of sister chromatids uncouple and chromatids separate.

Which of the following happens at the conclusion of meiosis I?
A) Homologous chromosomes are separated.
Which of the following is true of the process of meiosis?
C. Four haploid cells result.
Crossing over occurs during which phase of meiosis?
A. prophase I
Which diagram represents prophase I of meiosis?
Which drawing represents anaphase of mitosis?
Which drawing represents metaphase II of meiosis?
Which drawing represents a stage of meiosis in which independent assortment might occur if there were more than one pair of chromosomes represented?


A cell divides to produce two daughter cells that are genetically identical.
A. The statement is true for mitosis only.
Homologous chromosomes synapse and crossing over occurs.
B. The statement is true for meiosis I only.

Centromeres uncouple and chromatids are separated from each other.
E. The statement is true for mitosis and meiosis II.
Independent assortment of chromosomes occurs.
B) The statement is true for meiosis I only.

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