Biology lesson lab template Essay

The introduction should include the research and background information you collected before forming and testing your hypothesis. Be sure to tie in the property of water you are testing. Hypothesis: * The hypothesis should make a prediction of the outcome of your experiment and should include an explanation of why you expect that outcome.

Use the “if then … ” foFormator the hypothesis. Independent Variable: * The independent variable is the one that the scientist has chosen to change within an experiment in order to test the hypothesis.A good experiment should test, or vary, only one variable so the scientist can be confident that the observations made are a result of the changes made to the independent variable. Dependent Variable: The scientist will observe what happens to the dependent variable over the course of the experiment to see how it responds to the change made to the independent variable. The observations made and data collected regarding the dependent variable are caused by, and depend on, the changes made to the independent variable.

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Controlled Variables: * Controlled variables are the factors a scientist chooses to keep constant over the course of the experiment to make sure that anything that happens to the dependent variable is caused only by the independent variable. Procedure: * The procedure should be clear and detailed so that others can repeat it etdetailshould be specific in how the procedure changes the independent variable, controls all variables that need to be controlled, and observes or measures the resulting changes to the dependent variable.Data and observations: * Present all data and observations in a neat and organized manner.

Include tables and graphs where appropriate/possible. Conclusion and analysis: * Your conclusion should discuss the results of the experiment and compare those results to your hypothesis. You should analyze the property of water you investigated and give some real-world applications of the importance of this property.


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