Biology – Patterns in Nature Essay

Explain the difference between a prominence and a solar flare? Prominence are huge loops of gas that connect different parts of sunspot regions. A solar flare is an explosion caused by hydrogen getting really hot, the gas shoots out into space causing a solar flare. 2. Use a diagram that describes what causes the aurora? 3. Diagram that demonstrate the annular eclipse? 4.

As 2500 a leap year? NO 5. Compare the geocentric and the heliocentric models? Geocentric – model that represents the planets, sun, moons revolving around the earth.Heliocentric – model that represents planets including earth and moons evolve around the sun. 6. Classify the following supporters or opponents? Copernicus – opponent Ptolemy – Brae – Keeper – Aristotle – supporter opponent 7. Why didn’t scientist speak up in favor of the heliocentric model? Scientist didn’t speak up because when the heliocentric was brought up there was no direct evidence to prove that the planets and moon revolved around the sun. 8. Who is the astronomer who first used a telescope to find errors in the heliocentric model? Galileo – Galileo Galilee was born on the 15 February 1564 and past away on the 8 January 1642.

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Galileo was a physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher, he played a major role in the scientific revolution. Galileo worked in applied science and technology. He made observational astronomy including the telescopic confirmation of the phases of Venus and discovered 4 of Jupiter largest satellites. In the late 161 5 Galileo tried to defend his view of the geocentric model, which actually appeared to attack Urban VII which then spent the rest of his life under house arrest. 9. Explain the following phenomena. Tides- The alternate rising and falling of the sea usually 2 in each lunar year at a reticular place due to moon attraction.Seasons – The cause of seasons is the earths tilt of axis proxy.

23. 45 degrees, the seasons effect is the temperature of the earth and the weather. Day/Night – The rotation of earth (24 hours ) causes day and night. The revolve of earth around sun ( 365 days ) is what causes a year. Lunar Year – eclipse – Earth is positioned between the sun and the moon and the shadow of the earth is cast upon the moon. Solar wind – Solar wind is a constant stream of plasma and particles emanating from the sun. Biology – Patterns in Nature By mooneye


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