Biology report genetics parenthood Essay

The way we look, some of the things were able to do, is all from DNA.

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is a very important part of genetics. DNA can be found inside the nucleus of a cell. DNA also has genes.Genes are a segment of DNA (on a chromosome) that contains a specific code for a trait. There are dominant traits, recessive traits. A dominant trait is an allele which marks the expression of another, represented by capital letters(R, V).

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A recessive trait is an allele which is expressed only if both parents contribute it: represented by lower case letters(r, v). There are additional things that also make up DNA. Incomplete dominance is a phenotype of the heterozygous is an intermediate form: represented by capital letters and subscripts (CLC, CA); an example is red color tints in the hair.Polyclinic genes are the several genes that contribute to the overall phenotype: an example is skin color. Sex-linked genes are commonly applied to genes on the X chromosome; the more current term is X-Inked; genes on the Y chromosome are Hollander genes Apostasies is when one gene masks the effects of another, an example is hair color to red color tints. From this lab I will learn how dominant traits take over recessive traits.

I will also learn how genes are chosen from random not by a say so.I will also learn the potential genotypes of the offspring I will create from the lab. MATERIALS- ; 2 coins (preferably different kinds to keep track of mother/father contribution) ; Genetics of Parenthood Guide Pages ; Drawing paper or white bards Pens/ crayons METHODS- ; First you have to determine the child’s gender. This is up to the father. As a mother you contribute (X, X) the father will be (X, Y).

Heads is X so if you get this you’re having a girl (X, X). If you land on tails it’s a Y which means you’re having a boy (X, Y). Determine the child’s facial characteristics by having each other flip a coin. This will represent the disjunction of the chromosome (gene) pairs during gamete formation. ; You will repeat this procedure for each trait. However, you must read the guide before flipping the coins as there may be special instructions on these pages. ; After oh have determined the genotype for a trait, enter the information in the last column in the data sheet and draw that section of the face on your sheet.

CONCLUSION- In closing, I have learned many things while doing this experiment. My hypothesis was correct. I did learn about genetics and furthermore. I also learned and witnessed how traits work. Dominant always takes over whether its two capitals or Just one capital with one lower cases.

The offspring that was created with my partner and I was interesting. We were both shocked by some of the outcomes in a desiccating way. Thus, this experiment helped me understand genetics and D better.


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