Biology report tissues Essay

Epithelial tissue can be divided into simple epithelium, stratified epithelium and Staffordshire epithelium. Epithelial tissue specimen that is observed under light microscope are Sequestration’s epithelium , Simple columnar epithelium , Simple cuboids epithelium and Exogamous epithelium scraping from human mouth. Simple epithelial tissue can be divided into exogamous,cuboids and columnar. When exogamous epithelium scrapings from human mouth w. M specimen is observed under light microscope , the structure of nucleus , cell membrane and cytoplasm can be seen.Nucleus is the site for nuclear trial (DNA) and acts as a control centre centre that directs all the activities of a cell.

Cell membrane regulates and control substances in and out of a cell. Cytoplasm is the medium in which biochemical reaction occurs. Simple cuboids epithelium specimen when observed under light microscope, the structures of nucleus , lumen of tubule and connective tissue function as a support , Joins and protects other types of tissues can be seen.Simple columnar epithelium specimen when observed , the structure of cilia , goblet cell and nucleus can be seen . Cilia function is to filter and eve particles along the surface while goblet cells function is to secrete mucous. When sequestration’s epithelium specimen was observed under light microscope the structure of cilia , basal cells and basement membrane can be seen. Function of basal cells is as a primary cells of airway epithelium and have a role in attachment of columnar epithelium with the basement membrane .Epithelial tissues have many functions such as protection which protects the underlying tissue from mechanical injury, secretion of specific substances , absorption , excretion of waste products and absorbs needed materials , diffusion and sensory reception.

Muscle tissue are classified as voluntary and involuntary based on function and striated or smooth based on structure. It can be divided into smooth muscle , skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle. When Striated muscle humans. T.

Specimen was observed the structure of muscle fiber and nuclei can be seen. Muscle fiber have the ability to contract and producing movement or force. Smooth muscle.

Human, t. s and l. s specimen when seen under microscope the collagen fiber that are essential impotent of the body as it is a type of protein , nucleus and goblet cell structure can be seen. Function of smooth muscle is producing slow and sustained contractions. Cardiac muscle, sec specimen was also observe under light microscope.The structure of intercalated disc that help multiple Acadia muscle cells contact rapidly as a unit and help to connect between two adjacent cardiac cells , nuclei and muscle fiber was seen.

Cardiac muscle causes contraction to the atria and ventricles of the heart. Cartilage , bone and blood are connective tissues. Connective tissue ends structures together, form a framework and support for organs and the body as whole , store fat , transport substances , protects against disease and help repair damaged tissue.When human bone tissue specimen was observed the structure of lamellar , steno and central canal can be seen. Lamellar functions as a thin plate of bone matrix and as a basic structural unit of mature bone.

Steno form the basic structural unit of bone. Central canal contains the bones nerve and blood supplies. Bone tissue gives support , locomotion and protection for soft , vital organs of the odd.

Hyaline cartilage tissue specimen was also observe under light microscope.Lacuna which function as fluid filled spaces, contracted function as the development of components of the cartilage and secreting certain necessary compounds and matrix function as a gel like substance that normally encloses the biological cells structure can be seen. Blood :Human Ageism or Wright stained smear when observe under light microscope it can be seen that there are structure of blood platelets whose function to prevent bleeding, erythrocytes function to transport oxygen from our lung to the tissues and leukocytes that provide immunity and fight against infection .Blood tissue is also one of the specimen seen under light microscope.

Under light microscope the structure of erythrocyte can be seen. Blood have many functions such as transports oxygen and nutrients to body cells, transport waste products from body cells to the kidneys to be excreted , transport hormones from sites of synthesis to the target organs , helps regulate blood temperature and helps protects body against harmful pathogens.


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