Biology Report Essay

There were roughly three to four valuables throughout the cell. Discussion (500) By looking at the hypothesis and results, the hypothesis confirms the results made.

It is believed that the heat experiment had the results it did because background information shows that when heat is applied to a cell, the heat can disintegrate the cells’ wall, therefore the cell is not protected from chemicals such as bacteria and will die. The enlargement of the cells may have been caused do to the loss of cells, in the process of heating and mixing them with a pH solution (Vinegar).The vinegar caused the pigment of the cell to leak out causing the lighter colour. There is evidence of a pattern/ trend between the variables. When a piece of beetroot was placed in hot water and a piece of beetroot was placed in a low pH solution, some nucleus’s were quibble at high magnification. Also, the longer the beetroot was in the heat and the white vinegar, the more the cells wall and the nucleus disintegrated.

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When living things are applied with high temperatures and pH solutions that are lower than ‘7’ than the cell wall and the nucleus will break down.Therefore the ‘body’ will not function. So, for the body to have all the functions working than the cells have to be a high priority and taken care of. If heat were applied to other living things such as plants and animals, the heat would burn through the cells wall and disintegrate the membrane. Which would then kill the living source.

While conducting our experiments, the group made some mistakes that may nave caused an interference wit n the results taking the temperature, the mark went to the top of the thermometer, so the temperature recorded was an approximation.Also, we added cold water to the test tube to get out the beetroot that was stuck. That may have an impact to the results as well. The experiment could have been improved, so that these mistakes didn’t affect the results.

It is possible that before putting the beetroot in the test tube to put a drop of water in first. If this had been done, then the results may have been more accurate. Other possible investigations that could be undertaken are trying the same substances on other types of cells or change the substances and keep the same type of cells or change both the substances and the cells.Some other references to work by are; Conclusion (50) In conclusion, the heat and the low pH solution results support the hypothesis. Evidence shows that when there is an increase in temperature, the heat will damage the permeability of the plasma membrane and the heat will break down the permeability.

And when the beetroot is mixed with a pH solution of 7 or greater there will be no change but when mixed with a lower pH the more proteins in the membrane deteriorate.


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