Cardiovascular and Respiratory adaptations Essay

When I said go, from their hearts beating as a nervous pace which does differ from your normal resting pace, their heart beats changed to quicker breaths for faster running. Their heart rate began to quickly increase to allow a greater flow of blood to the samples muscles.

(Nurse, 1981) When running and doing exercise lots of things change inside you like heart size, heart rate, cardiac output ,blood flow, volume and pressure. The left ventricle starts to increase as the samples were active because of the ventricle filling with blood; the wall thickened allowing for a more forceful contraction of the heart. As these are sports people their heart rates returned to normal pace faster than a non-sports sample would have as these sports people have been doing sports consistently for over six months.Cardiovascular and Respiratory adaptations to ordinary, 2008) The men did prove to have lower heart rate which returned to normal faster, men as well as women’s heart goes hand in hand with their body’s ,the heart controls things in your body, it make the things work at a suitable pace for your body. That is why things like special diets and workouts have been made for specific types of people, this helps with exercise to not cause harm to your heart. (TTS HEART OF A CHAMPION, 2010) Men are naturally sportier compared to women leaving them naturally with a lower resting and after exercise heart rate compared to women. A man should have below 75 beats per minute.

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The exact results were taken and all formulas and graphs or tables stayed the same for each learner. * Although the results were what we predicted and it backed up our hypothesis, people tested is a big factor which could have been a huge change in affecting the results. The data was all taken in correctly and fair opportunity was given to all learners but considering how many sports people we have in our school, we did not take a sample size big enough to make a true conclusion of the real answer in our school of sports girls compared to the sports boys, which would have been more accurate if more sports girls and sports boys had been tested. Although all variable which could have been thought about before the experiment was done and then written down ,only after the experiment was done and a few small things were out of place could you realist other small, taken for granted everyday things needed to also be considered. We did not mention the following variables: type of shoes, type of clothes, how many more times the learners did sports compared to each other and although weight was asked in the questionnaire we did not take that into consideration as well as muscle and fat content on each learner doing the sprint. * The weight of learner, weight and type of shoe could have been controlled as well as the type of clothing they wore.The questionnaire should have been looked at more carefully and boys and girls of same should have been put up together for a more controlled and accurate reading. * The best part was the graphs as they showed accurate results of all the data it received.

The best in terms of easy to read graphs and tables were selected in purposes of making it easy for anyone to read. The graph could have been 2-D as the 3-D graphs which were used gave you the illusion of the graphs being higher than what they really were. Graphs are easy as generally all graphs can be accepted will be easy to read as long as they done properly. Reference list Target heat rate chart for women.


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