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Because of this 65% of Insignia’s population is “food insecure” which means they are at risk of waking up and having nothing to eat.

After reading various articles regarding our present day food crises, it is conclusive that we urgently need change. As time continues our world population increases and our supply of food decreases. As a result of this, prices of goods have sky-rocketed. With high food prices, individuals who are unable to afford these particular goods are essentially starving. They are unable to purchase necessities that allow the human race to live.Because demand clearly outstrips supply, the poorest areas of the world are hit extremely hard. Food production is increasing at a much slower pace than the increases in our population which is clearly an issue.

Countries such as Nigeria have a disturbing malnutrition rate of 38% for children. Families across the world are forced to go to sleep not knowing whether or not they will have even the slightest amount of food waiting for them the following day. We know that food production is on the national level. Every place on Earth has some sort of purpose in production whether it be for food or not.In many of the world’s countries, especially the United States, we rely heavily on those around us to produce our necessities.

We know that this can be effective as our population is continuing to grow but we tail to realize the hardships to those less truncate than us . The bottom line is that we must boost food production as our population continues to rise in order to help those less fortunate. What we don’t know is exactly HOW this can be done in the most effective and rewarding manner.

Although we are unaware of exactly how to alter this global food crises, we do know various ways that may be of benefit.Food production should continue as it always has except more producers should begin to farm on a much smaller scale and much more locally. We cannot constantly depend on other countries; especially if the land around us is fertile and perfectly capable of agricultural methods. Once this happens, food production should gradually increase. Countries such as Nigeria would not have to wait for shipments of various products as they starve because they old have supplies already available in their general vicinity.

I do not know why actions such as these have not been utilized and other ways to subside the food crisis remain to be known. There of course many other various methods that could obtain success in altering this food dilemma but they are unknown to our present day society. So far not much action has been taken to relieve those in need which needs to drastically change. No matter the circumstances, more action should be taken to end this present day global food crisis. The ways in which we would do so remain to be learned.


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