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Posted by Hannah A at 10:41 No comments: Email This Biologist! Share to Twitter Share to Backbone Labels: 3. 33, Inheritance, Section 3 3. 32 understand that resistance to antibiotics can increase in bacterial populations, and appreciate how such an increase can lead to infections being difficult to control Bacteria experience mutations (the reproduce very frequently so it is not rare.

) These mutations can mean that they are no longer affected by a certain antibiotic, this makes it easier for them to survive.If bacteria evolve to be resistant to drugs we are treating them with then they are difficult to control; sometimes they can be stopped sing a different antibiotic, but some are becoming resistant to all the drugs that we know of… Posted by Hannah A at 10:39 No comments: Labels: 3. 32, Inheritance, Section 3 3. 31 understand that many mutations are harmful but some are neutral and a few are beneficial A lot of mutations are harmful, like genetic diseases; cystic fibrosis.Some don’t change the chances of survival: like having a different colour hair.

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There are a few mutations which are beneficial, for example a insect pollinated plant becoming brighter. Posted by Hannah A at 10:35 No comments: Labels: 3. 31, Inheritance, Section 3 3 30 describe the process to evolution by means to natural selection Evolution is a change in species over a very long time (sometimes into different species.

) Natural selection is survival of the fittest.What happens is: A mutation occurs If the mutation is beneficial, the animal will survive longer and reproduce more Some of its offspring will inherit the mutation These offspring will also have better chance of survival, meaning they live longer and reproduce more Over a long period of time this process is repeated and gradually he mutation becomes a common gene in a species and those with the mutation become the only ones, as those without cannot compete with those expressing the mutated gene Posted by Hannah A at 10:30 No comments: Labels: 3. 0, Inheritance, Section 3 3. 29 understand that mutation is a rare, random change in genetic material that can be inherited A mutation is when a gene is copied incorrectly, this gene can be passed down. It doesn’t happen very often or on purpose. Posted by Hannah A at 10:25 No Labels: 3. 29, Inheritance, Section 3 3. 28 understand that variation within a species can be genetic, environmental, or a ambitions of both Variation in a species is the differences between the members of a species.

Genetic is caused by what genes are inherited.Environmental is caused by some action after birth (e. G the sun giving you a tan. ) Some variation is a bit of both.

.. Posted by Hannah A at 10:23 No comments: Labels: 3. 28, Inheritance, Section 3 3. 27 know that in human cells the diploid number of chromosomes is 46 and the haploid number is 23 The diploid number is how many chromosomes each cell is meant to have: 46 in humans (23 pairs).

The haploid number is half of the diploid umber: so 23. Posted by Hannah A t 10:20 No comments: Labels: 3. 7, Inheritance, Section 3 Older Posts Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Search This Blob Labels Biological molecules (7) Cell structure (3) Characteristics of living organisms (1) Cloning (4) Coordination and response (13) Cycles within ecosystems (3) Excretion (10) Feeding relationships (4) Food production (9) Gas exchange (11) Genetic modification (5) Human influences on the environment (7) Inheritance (21) Levels of organization (1) Movement of substances into and out of cells (5) Nutrition (16)Reproduction (12) Respiration (5) Section 1 (3) section 2 (89) section 3 (33) section 4 (17) section 5 (20) Selective breeding (2) The organisms in the environment (3) Transport (18) Variety of living organisms (2) Total Passageway 105,996 This blob was originally set up for my own revision purposes, and not for other people to read, so you can’t rely on everything that I have written. Obviously the notes are combinations of what my teachers have taught me, what my tutor has said and things I nave Dunn in revision guides or sites, so I e o n that eve rating s reliable!


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