The Academic Tools tab Essay

Go to an online career/employment site, such as Monster. Com or Jobbing. Com. Search for Jobs in the psychology field.

You may also review and use the Job descriptions/ classifieds provided in the Unit 2 Readings, if you like. After you have explored the Job listings for a while, choose two of the Jobs that interest you. Then, for each Job, complete the following using the template provided: 1. List the Job title and Job description. 2.List the skills needed for the Job, taken both from the Job description and your own analysis of the Job. Be sure to list at least five skills, three of which are specific skills in the psychology field. 3.

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Explain why each of the skills listed in #2 would be needed to succeed in the position you have selected. Save your project and submit it to the Unit 2: Project Dropper. The dropper is located at the top of this class on the blue toolbar. For additional help on submitting to the dropper, see the Dropper Guide under the Academic Tools tab.

Unit 2 Discussion After looking over several different types of Jobs that someone with a degree in substance abuse could hold I settled on Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers. The main tool used for this Job is a computer and a variety of different data bases are used to retrieve information that is relevant to the client. I would also be required to have a working knowledge of a word processing software, internet browser software, client records software, spreadsheet software, and adobe software.Some of the tasks that area associated with this Job are: * Counseling individuals and groups to assist them in dealing with addiction, poverty, physical abuse, and physical or mental illness * Reviewing records, interviewing clients, conducting assessments, and working with other professionals to determine client’s mental and physical conditions. * Monitoring clients progress towards their goals * Educating clients and community members about mental illness, abuse, and available community resources. * Working with counselors and physicians to plan and coordinate treatments.

Assisting clients in working their treatment plans. * Helping clients to find and utilize community resources. * Modifying treatment plans for clients as their needs change * Help families to understand, deal with or support the clients. * Continue to learn more about social work through attending miners, workshops, and trainings.

There are a variety of knowledge, skills, and abilities that are necessary to succeed in this career. The basic knowledge needed for this Job are a knowledge of therapy and counseling, knowing human behaviors and what motivates people to act and react in different ways.You must also be able to interact with people in a personal and professional way.

Knowledge of group dynamics, social trends and now to work Witt many deterrent ethnicities and cultures. Some of the skills that are needed for this career are social perceptiveness, active existing, being able to convey information effectively, actively looking for ways to benefits clients and their community, being highly organized and efficient, and having a good working knowledge of grammar and how to communicate effectively using a wide range of methods such as writing and public speaking.This Job involves caring for others by providing emotional support, medical attention, and personal assistance. It is important to build constructive and cooperative working relationships with others and maintaining them over time. Keeping and maintaining accurate scores in either written or electronic formats and obtaining information to keep all records up to date and collaborating with peers and supervisors.


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