Biology Vitamin C Lab Report Essay

It is crucial for essential diet.

It breaks down easily when the DOD is heated or let around too long on our shelf. Vitamin C is one of the most popular supplements, great thanks to the dedication of the Nobel prize winner – scientist named Lines Palling. He took up to about 25 grams of the vitamin every day for year. Palling ended up almost dying in the age of 96, but was still actively working and mentally sharp at the time of his death. People always wonder: He must have been doing ‘something right.There is ascorbic acid in oranges, citrus fruits, bell peppers, rose hips, tomatoes, strawberries and many more. The minimum requirement to avoid vitamin c deficiency, named scurvy, is 60 MGM. It is commonly taken in 500 until 1000 MGM doses, larger amounts, like 10 and 20 grams daily can cause mild toxicity ; example: diarrhea.

Vitamin C doesn’t have toxic because we eliminate excessive amounts of it through urination process. Sometimes, pregnant women are even prohibited from exceeding 1 or 2 grams per day.Vitamin C as a water-soluble compound involved in many processes of our body including the production of collagen, which are the dopamine synthesis, noradrenalin and adrenaline in our internal body system and also the synthesis of carnation, which is crucial for the transfer of energy in mitochondria. A vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy, which affected the sailors of 16th-18th century. Fortunately, they have discovered that fresh fruits, for example, lime and oranges gave protection to the sailors from the disease.

In Australia and New Zealand, 60 MGM is the recommended daily intake (RD’) for vitamin C. Lines Palling, the Nobel-prize winning scientist trusted in regular mega doses of vitamin C, but this is still regarded as an unorthodox in conventional medicine. It was frequently used as an antimicrobial and antioxidant in the food.

1928 was the year when it was first isolated while in 1932, it was proved to help reverent scurvy (hence, its scientific name of ascorbic acid, which literally translated as anti-scurvy acid).In 1933, its structure was determined and confirmed by total synthesis since then. Vitamin C is more efficient if taken by consuming fresh fruits rather than tablets.

Dry Emir Farad Isaiah is a medical specialist who practices holistic, aesthetic and anti- ageing medicine. He is a going master and founder of Superposing. In The Star newspaper, in the article of Supplement Matters; Art of Healing (published in Sunday, 1 January 2012 and updated on 30 July 2013). “L have written about vitamin C and its o-factors (especially violations) previously.

Suffice it for me to share here that I and many other anti-ageing doctors take much more than 1,MGM per day, and that it is best to get vitamin C from whole-food supplements, or at least from natural food- sourced extracts that are also enriched with the essential co-factors. Non-food sourced (synthetic) vitamin C may not be as effective. ” source- Newspaper Star Online Easy recipe to be prepared which is high in vitamin c- Orange Spice Tea Ingredients – 1/2 inch ginger root, 1 orange(peeled), water, cinnamon stick for garnish Ways- Push ginger and orange trough hopper, pour 2 oz of Juice into teacup and fill with boiling water.


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