Biology Write Up If Mitosis Essay

Place the root tips in a hollow glass block containing CM of MM hydrochloric acid elution and leave it immersed in the solution for exactly 5 minuets 3. After 5 minutes remove the garlic root tips from the hydrochloric acid solution and place them in the watch glass containing CM of cold water. Leave them in there for approximately 4-5 minutes. 4. After 4-5 minutes remove the root tips and dry them on the filter paper. Caution should be used as the root tips are very fragile 5.Transfer one of the garlic root tips to the clean microscope slide.

Cut about 2-3 mm from the rounded growing tip. Keep this growing tip and discard the rest. 6. Break up the root tip with the mounted needle (this is called maceration). Add one small drop of telluride blue and leave to stain for 2 minutes 7. Cover with the cover slip and blot firmly with several layers of filter/ tissue paper and press gently to spread to the root tip. 8. View on the microscope (axis magnification) and look for cells with visible chromosomes and watch the cells.

The microscope will take some adjusting to enable you to see the cells clearly 9. If it is unsuccessful repeat steps 5-8 using another of the root tips. Safety: When conducting an experiment there are factors concerning safety that need to be taken into account. Firstly, in this experiment a 5 molar hydrochloric acid solution is used. The hydrochloric acid is corrosive and therefore should be handled with car. Precautions such as tying back long hair, wearing a lab coat and safety goggles.The universal indicator can stain cloths and skin and so you should be cautious not to get in on skin or clothing. Results: On observing the garlic root tips under the microscope I was able to locate cells with viable chromosomes, nuclei and was able to see telephone in the process to mitosis.

However, I was unable to see anything else happening within the garlic root tip. Discussion: The region of the cell required to see mitosis taking place is the merriments region, this is where the cell division in the garlic root tip takes place.The purpose of using the strong (5 molar hydrochloric acid) rather than the weaker (1 molar hydrochloric acid) is separate the cells so it is easier to see the cells when they are dividing. As lower military of hydrochloric acid (1 molar) could be used but when heated. The universal indicator/ stain is needed to see the nucleus of the cells.

The universal indicator is added after the maceration of the root tissue and after the meritocracy egging had been separated. The maceration of the root needs to take place to separate and spread the layers of the tissue sample to they don’t become layered.When conducting this experiment there were many flaws. Firstly the experiment took place during the day and not during the night. Garlic root tip cells divide at their peak during the evening and therefore if I was to conduct this experiment again I would conduct the experiment during the evening. During the experiment it was also hard to locate the imperialistic region, and therefore the experiment had to be updated several times to get the correct region of the garlic root tip, therefore parts of the experiment had to be repeated several times.

To extend this experiment I would do it at night to improve the quality of the results. I would also use roots from other fast growing plants like garlic. Conclusion: Overall this experiment was not very successful, the observations I made of the garlic root tip under the microscope were minimal and there are many changes that could have been made to improve the quality of the results ( which have been listed in the discussion).


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