Birla White Putty Sample Essay

With the aim of heightening the head portion of Birla White Wall Care putty.

we started our primary research in measuring the perceptual experience of consumers. It was done through direct interviews with consumers. with the putty Sellerss ( hardware shop proprietors ) and with painters. To our surprise. putty Sellerss and painters besides gave us important penetration into the perceptual experiences of the terminal consumers. We designed different questionnaire for consumers. painters and Sellerss and took samples from demographically different consumer sections like Balaghat ( District in M.

P ) . Kotputli ( town in Rajasthan ) . Panchkula ( territory in Haryana ) & A ; Gurgaon and found out a tendency in the perceptual experience of consumers. which has been presented in the signifier of 4 different consumer profiles. When we analyzed the different consumer profiles. and responses of painters and putty Sellerss. we felt the demand of consciousness for consumers.

engagement for painters. and inducements for Sellerss. We so designed a comprehensive Brand Awareness Strategy to accomplish the above aim of consumer consciousness.

painter engagement and marketer motive and therefore finally increasing Brand Awareness and heightening the Brand Recall.Brand Awareness through consumer Engagement: This scheme aims at indirect engagement of consumers by ‘Wall Painting Competition in schools for kids’ and direct engagement by leveraging Birla White WallCare’s strong online presence. Brand Awareness through Painter Involvement: This scheme aims at aiming the influencers to get their trueness. It included a enfranchisement plan. inducements for painters. and forming painter meets.

The enfranchisement plan cognizant painters with proficient composing and right application techniques of putty. Incentives would do them act upon the terminal client to purchase Birla WallCare Putty and therefore doing painters trade name subscribers. Brand Awareness through Low Cost Advertising and Brand Recall: This scheme aims at heightening the Brand Recall through using low cost advertisement like Gate mark boards with a motto. Booklet at Hardware shops. Booklets in local intelligence daily.

The samples of the thought and the financials have been presented in the presentation.


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