Birth Order Can Affect More Than Personal Essay

Birth order can affect more than personality: . What are some other effectsoutcomes births orders can have on people?. Topic: Birth order can affect more than personality.

What are some other effectsoutcomes births orders can have on people? Use evidence to support 3 other effects. Birth order is the chronological order of sibling birth in a family. It is long has been speculated that birth order has an effect on personality, and this can leave an indelible impression on an individual’s style of life by different ways.But also, beside of the personality birth orders affect familial and social relationship, choices and chances at life as well as education and development. Because of that, today, birth order is considered like one of the most important things who affect people’s lives. At first , birth order affect the relationship with family where if the eldest child decide to change a situation in his life ,like education or marriage parents do not accept that easily and even they refuse his decision sometimes. Also, parents try to impose their opinion on the eldest child .

Whereas, their interpose is less important with the middle child, and about the youngest one the situation is very different, because, may him this time will impose his opinion on them and usually he do what he want since he is the spoiled one in all most family. Beside of the relationship with family, birth order affect social relationship especially with the opposite sex, what mean the romantic compatibilities. So relationship between a couple, where each one of them is the first born in his family is absolutely different from the one between a middle and middle or youngest and youngest, Shipani (n. .

), indicates Bill and Hillary Clinton, the ultimate political power couple like an example of an oldest with oldest relationship they are a classic combination of control, dominance and striving, both want to be in control of every situation. This is absolutely true according to families of some relatives, where the mother is a first born in his family and also the father is the first too, two leading person, they may fight over any things and every things, what movie to see, how to rise the children, where to live this is what we call the love of control and leadership.Also, there is the relationship between eldest and middle, which is outstanding by desiquilibred sides of balances; a lover of control and a peacemaker. And a relationship between eldest and youngest where the youngest teach the eldest how to enjoy the time, and the eldest teach him how to be responsible. Secondly, in addition of relationship, birth orders affect chances at life. Where, the eldest born has the biggest chance to enjoy all the basics and luxuries.

Since he is the first one and his parents do what they could to provide him what needs.Sulloway, (1996) indicated that the parent prefer to provide for the first born the important position to get the family niche, also they affirm the physical and intellectual superiority that can make him happy and enjoy his life. That means, the parent take care of their first born more than other sibling. If the first born wont to complete his study or to do anything, parents provide him with all the things he need. Furthermore, birth order affects choices.

The first born child is more restricted in his choices.Where parents interfere more in what matter the first child more than other siblings, what can sometimes make the oldest born change his opinions and choices. at time that the other siblings can generally choices what they want. For example, the first child choices will be more difficult than the other siblings because he will be more observed. for instance, in Qataris’ family, the parents supervision were controlled of the first born more than other siblings, which result the first born less involved in offences.And that effect induced by differential parental control. word count: 721 REFEENCES: 1- Shipani, D.

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