Birth Order Essay

Birth Order ?Birth order can contribute too many differences in one’s personality.

Joshua K. Hartshorne an editor for Scientific News states that “our position in the family does indeed affect both our IQ and our personality. ” It is a rising controversy that many people disagree on.

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Birth order has a lot to do with ones, future, career personality, relationships etc. The way, in which one was treated as a child pertaining to birth order can influence how they feel, behave and how they live in the rest of their life.Although genes play a big role in child development they also interact with birth order. If a family of four children all have the same genes and are brought up the same way by the same two parents, then why are they so different from each other? Well birth order is the answer! Judith Rich Harris a researcher on birth order and personalities explains” As everybody knows, parents don’t treat their kids all alike.

And one of the things that makes parents treat their children differently — this is something that Lois Hoffman and Dunn and Plomin agreed on — is birth order. This statement in a nut shell explains why children and siblings are so different and that birth order does have something to do with one’s personality. ?In general parents usually treat their children differently according to birth order, whether it is intentional or unintentional. A typical parent treats their first born as the center of their attention. Parents spend more time teaching their first born things like, letters, blocks, puzzles, and they also spend more time reading to their first born.

As the first born gets older a lot of responsibility is placed on them. For example they may be required to do more chores, get good grades, or maybe even babysit younger siblings. A significant difference in how parents treat their first born compared to their other children is how they acknowledge their successes. Parents will treat their first born child’s achievements with much more enthusiasm because it will be their first times experiencing their child’s success.

The middle child or middle children get the shaft of the stick.They usually receive the least amount of attention, parents are less strict with them and are less involved, and parents also loosen up a lot more with the middle child. The last born child also known as the baby gets off the hook much more and is not very well disciplined, parents are much less joyous about their successes and accomplishments, and parents often don’t take them very seriously. Typical parents rarely discipline the baby and they don’t have an equal amount of chores and rules as the other children in the family. Birth order can affect a person at different ages of their lifespan from the time they were born all the way to late adult hood. As children the first born children are over achievers, very reliable, they tend to be very controlling and cautious.

First born children typically have to be the best in whatever they do. As they get older this tends to follow them to adult hood. For example first born children may strive to be at the top of their class in college, be the best in their profession or job. Middle age children have a very common feeling of being left out.Therapist Mari Wallace states that middle children often feel as if “well I’m not the oldest, but I’m not the youngest so who am I? ”? The middle child is often seen to be more engaged with their friends at school to make up for the lack of attention at home. For example it is very common for the middle child to feel comfortable staying at their friends’ houses often. There is a big difference between the middle children and the first born children as they get older into adult hood.

Middle born children tend to be people pleasers, and are very good at maintaining healthy relationships and have large social circles.They would typically go out more often and be more active in social gatherings compared to the first born. The youngest child is often known as the free spirit wild child. The baby of the family is usually very outgoing, self-centered and is very manipulative. The youngest born knows he or she has the least amount of rules and discipline and often takes advantage of it and is very manipulative. As far as late adult hood the youngest child is typically the last to move out, and figure out where his or hers future is going and get settled down.Birth order played a big role in my personality development when I was a child and still does. First off I came from a family of six children.

I am the second oldest and the only girl. As a middle child I do not possess the same qualities as the research shows for middle children to possess. I feel that since my older brother and I are so close in age (only a year apart), that I feel like a first born too. I have more of the first born qualities shown in research. For example I am an absolute perfectionist, I am very dependent, and I am super organized.I believe that my birth order has a lot to do with my personality and who I am today.

One way that it has affected me is how my parents have always had very high expectations for me and put a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. Responsibility is a common characteristic that middle children have. When I was in sixth grade I started noticing the responsibility big time! With my parents being divorced and my mother working full time I was left to take care of my little brothers. I was responsible for their well-being, health, and happiness.I fed them, bathed them, took them everywhere they ever needed to go, helped them with their homework, and everything else under the sun that they needed. From sixth grade all the way up till today I have cared for my brothers.

I would never resent my mother or wish I had a different teenager life for placing this responsibility on me because I know that it made me the kind-hearted, care giving, responsible young woman I am today. My parent’s high expectations, strictness, and standards have made me so passionate about my schooling, job, and future.Although I felt pressured at times all of the standards and responsibility has helped me in the long run! ?Before I did this research and actually learned about birth order I never really thought twice about how it could affect my personality and my future. Overall I am very convinced that birth order does play a big role in personality. I think it is important when speaking in terms of ones personality because, the way your parents treat you, how many siblings you have, how big of a family you have, and what order you were born in affect how you view aspects of life.

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