Black rock, Nick Enright Essay

Today I’ll be talking about the play “Blackjack” that Eve been studying In class this term, the purpose of this speech is to make us think how Australian drama challenges us to think about Australian culture and identity, and the impacts it can have on us as person and as a community. “Guys stick up for their mates no matter what” “Blackjack” is a play written by Nick Inherit that provides insight into Australian culture. Through the violent rape of a teenage girl, the audience is challenged to consider the values and attitudes still prevalent in Australia today.Inherit uses authentic and raw Australian characters to reveal inherent patriarchal attitudes towards women and the problems with a society that promotes sexual double standards. Inherit also exposes the flawed aspects of metathesis and the growing need for balance between youth and independence and responsible parental guidance.

“Blackjack” Is a compelling play that encourages Australians to questions their own out-dated beliefs regarding women, metathesis and youth culture by showing the damaging consequences of maintaining these attitudes.The first aspect represented In the text Is the stereotypes that surround women. That they are the weaker and less capable sex. The playwright has introduced the idea of Australian experience to be very stereotypical against women and men with the way the setting out of the characters are, Like Cheryl for example, In the opening scene Cheryl wants her cousin, Jarred, to teach her to surf. He is reluctant based on her gender.

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“Girls can’t do it” he says, Jarred doesn’t consider Cheerier as his equal and feels that even if a RL could surf well, It Is because they have masculine qualities. Omen just don’t have as much freedom as what men do in this particular play, this is shown through the derisive and snared remarks towards Cheerier and her wanting to learn how to surf. Reflecting on the second aspect on the Australian experiences In this playwright, Nick Inherit exposes the flawed system of beliefs surrounding metathesis in modern Australia. Through the young male characters, Inherit demonstrates that, although, Australian men rely on their mates for security and a sense of belonging his comes with negative consequences.The boys in “Blackjack” often partake in risk taking behavior in order to gain respect within their group and this can lead Tao detrimental gang mentality. In the third scene Jarred reveals to his friend Rachel why he is so loyal to his good friend Rick.

“He’s been my mate since forever… ” He says, with the use of emotive dialogue and colloquial language. The authenticity conveyed through the emotive and colloquial language shows the seemingly positive Impact that Rick has had on Jarred.After his Dad “split” he didn’t have a male role model and was what he called a “total buck-up” or someone to guide him in the hyper- masculine world. He found security In Rick and in return Jarred defends Rick at all costs, this shows the encouraging aspects of metathesis, where boys can find sense of belonging in their friendships. However, Shred’s idealization of Rick blinds him to the The impact of metathesis and how easy it is for somebody to be pressured into doing something Just to fit in’ is highlighted in scene six.

Rick forces a boy named Toby ho has only recently been fixated into the group into performing the ‘ring of fire’ as the other Blackjack boys cheer him on. Uniform the barbeques, mate. ” It is shown as a type of initiation for the Blackjack boys; Toby overlooks the dangers and participates because he thinks “everyone is going to do it”, and wants to fit in. Nick Inherit has positioned the audience to feel torn between the old aged “boys will be boys” and the annoyance at Toby willingness to risk his own life to be a part of the group.This concern grows stronger later when we learn that Toby participates in the gang rape f Tracy, and Jarred also being involved, he is expecting Rick to cover for him. Through Toby decent from socially acceptable, individual to rebel, Enriching presentations of metathesis in Australian experience, implies that metathesis between teenagers does not always have a positive aspect and can provide the basis for the events in the playwright. “Guys stick up for their mates no matter what” : Sometimes doing the right thing by yourself as a person over rules being loyal to the ones deserve to cop the consequences for their actions.


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