Advance and accelerate colonialism Essay

In what ways was the “discovery’ accidental? During the middle ages, a lively trade in wine meant that merchants had to transport heavy and unwieldy casks from place to place. Some one decided that if the water content of the wine could be reduced, the concentrate could be easier to transport and water could simply be added later. When they reached the place, it was found that the distillate they had been carrying was very good and was its own separate wine called brandy. 3.

How did spirits advance and accelerate colonialism?Spirits were a durable and compact form of alcohol for transport on ships. They were also economic goods of great significance. Spirits also became the main currency for African slave traders. 4. In the eighteenth century, how did spirits help Britain have a more superior Ana than France? In the 18th century, there was a common disease called scurvy, caused by a lack of vitamin C, which killed many sailors. When the British sailors switched from wine to spirits, they gained much vitamin C and they came stronger and fought off disease.

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They were able to beat France because they didn’t have the bad disease scurvy that many of the French had. 5. How did spirits help build the United States? (That is, getting the colonies going to establishing American independence to the consolidation of power by the federal government. ) Whiskey directly expanded the borders and territories of this country. When rum became available in the second half of the 17th century, it established its self as the North American colonists’ favorite drink.It alleviated hardship, provided a liquor of central heating. The colonists drank rum when drawing up a contract, selling a farm, signing a deed, selling a farm, or settling a suit.

6. What were the negative effects of spirits? Name all that are mentioned in the chapter. People that were poor drank spirits, because they were much cheaper, so they got drunk very fast. Some spirits are also highly flammable, King Charles was caught on fire while he was being healed using this fluid.


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