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Throughout Cider House Rules, I tried to identify multiple issues of the story and pitfalls of my critical thinking. Once I pulled myself away from being enveloped in the plot, I noticed how many different issues were present in the film. The topic of abortion has been touched on by a few of my classmates already, so I wanted to address another issue that stood out to me. In Cider House Rules, the relationship between Candy and Homer drew an unusual emotion out of me.

I wanted them to be together at some points, but I also expressed the absolutist viewpoint that I hold on the topic of cheating and it made me pinpoint an issue of cause and effect. Why did Candy fall in love with Homer while she was with Wally? Was it because Wally was gone or did she actually have overwhelming feelings for Homer that were more than what she held for Wally? Initially, I believed that she was only in love with Homer and that she would break it off with Wally when he returned. The primary reason behind this opinion was the hasty conclusion I made after Candy and Homer had made love.I concluded that because they had made love multiple times that Candy was in love with Homer unconditionally and only loved him. I also had the error of perspective known as either/ or when I thought this. I felt that Candy could either love Homer or Wally and not both, and because she had appeared to love Homer so much she could not love Wally anymore. Finally, I had a biased consideration of the evidence because I am so opposed to the concept of cheating.

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I was very biased against a relationship behind Wally’s back so I wanted to believe that Candy would break it off and be truthful with him.While it is arguable that multiple loves can occur at one time and can be suggested by evidence such as polygamist relationships, my egocentrism made me believe that I held the correct opinion on love. It is evident that I commit many pitfalls of critical thinking as a thinker just beginning to understand them, but I am able to acknowledge my pitfalls and look further into what has made me think certain ways.

After looking into the flaws of my critical thinking mentioned above, I do not believe that Candy loved Homer more than Wally.As the end of the movie neared and the bad news regarding Wally was announced, it revealed Candy’s true feelings toward him. Her reaction suggested that she did not love Homer more than Wally and that her love for Wally was so immense that she would care for him and be his love in his condition.

Even though she seemed as though she wanted to maintain the relationship with Homer when Wally returned, Homer had acknowledged that it was probably because Wally was gone that she “needed” him and she really did love Wally.Still, the question about why she loved Homer does not have a definite answer, which is why it is an issue. In my personal opinion, after reviewing my own pitfalls and the clues from the movie, it was because Wally was gone to war that she really fell in love with Homer. Even though her feelings were genuine while her and Homer lived as lovers, the movie suggests that she did not love Homer more than she loved Wally and had loved him because something in her life was missing.


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