Blame and Animals Essay

Once there was a pig, cow, horse, and sheep. Their lives on the farm were peaceful and carefree.

The owner of the farm always treated them fairly. They received the same amount of food, privileges, care, and were never neglected. Because they were treated fairly, they never complained, lied, stole, or fought with each other.

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They were honest, innocent, happy animals. One day, the owner of the farm passed away and the farm was sold to another man. The man wore a solemn look on his face and never smiled at anyone. All the animals were scared of him.At first, he would feed the animals food but never have time to care for them.

After some time, the man started to leave the animals unfed. If the animals were lucky, they could find some leftovers from the garbage bin. Then, they would share the leftovers they found with each other. With barely any food, the animals were miserable and hungry.

Their lives had turned for the worse. The pig couldn’t stand the hunger anymore. Whenever the cow, horse, and sheep found food and shared it, he would find ways take extra.

Sometimes he would even lie to the others that they gave him less, even though the food was shared equally.The others always gave him a little more when he complained, since they believed that he was telling the truth. They believed that he was still the same pig as he was before their original owner passed away. At times, when the pig himself found food, he wouldn’t share it with the others. He would keep the food all to himself and eat it inside his sty. At night when nobody was awake, he would sneak off to the area where the animals stored the food they found, and bring them back to his sty for his own use. The pig has changed into a lying, stealing, and pig.

The animals soon found out that the food they were storing was slowly decreasing.They thought that maybe some other animals outside the farm found the food and stole them. They decided to change a place to store the food and take turns guarding the food.

The pig would distract the animal that guarded for the day or use the sleeping pills he found in the garbage to make the animal fall asleep so he could steal food. Sometimes, he would spread rumors that one of the animals stole the food and put crumbs in the animal’s sty. The animals soon became suspicious of each other and started blaming each other. It got worse and worse, and the animals started fighting with each other.

The pig would act innocent and tell them that he was sure that the horse stole the food. The others would agree because they didn’t want the blame to be on them. The horse was frustrated that all the other blamed him when he was innocent.

He was beginning to suspect the pig, since the pig was the one who said he was the thief. So he began to investigate what was going on. One night, the horse hid behind a tree near the food and saw the pig stealing food from the storage area. The horse went and told the others about what he saw but the others didn’t believe him.The horse begged them to hide behind the tree and watch. Even though the others weren’t fully convinced, they still promised they would do that because they saw sincerity and honesty in the horse’s eyes.

The others hid behind the tree as they watched the pig sneak up to the food. The others couldn’t believe it. They kicked the pig out of the farm and told him to never come back again. It was then that they realized the hunger and miserable life had turned them into greedy, selfish animals.

As they watched the pig walk out of the farm, they shook their heads in disgust.


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