Blessing Poem Analysis Essay

Water, the essential substance for sustaining all life on this planet, and if lacked can cause big problems to us humans. When troubles reach us humans, we tend to look to God for his help, and this is also the case of water as it could be perceived as a blessing. The Blessing by Imitaz Dharker suggests that in places where water is needed, people will jump out and kiss even a single drop of water as if it were a blessing from God himself. Water is essential to everyone and when needed they will look or forever wait for it, even the smallest drop.In the first stanza the Blessing starts off with vivid images of a dry area where water is needed.

“The skin cracks like a pod” gives the reader an image of skin cracking but not just the skin of a person but also the skin of the earth. The fact that “there never is enough water” gives the reader even more details on the dry land. In the second stanza the poet shows the reader the water and one can “imagine the drip of it” into “a tin mug.” This gives the reader a longing for water since one can nearly hear the sound of it dripping into a tin mug.The writer suggests that the longing for water is so great that the drip of it sounds like the “voice of a kindly god.” The third stanza states that “the municipal pipe bursts” and that people run out to collect the water with “pots” and pans. The municipal pipe burst is not really a pipe bursting but a metaphor for the rain starting all of a sudden and people rejoice over the fact that it has started to rain.

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In the fourth and last stanza, “naked children” scream “in the liquid sun” and their bodies are “polished to perfection.” All of this suggests that rain does not come very often and that the children are excited that it has started to rain.When one really lacks water, one might get really excited if water started falling from the sky. The poet achieves this with a nice rhythm starting in the first stanza. The first stanza goes slow and simply states that there is “never enough water.

” When moving on to the second stanza, one can hear the water and the speed of the poem picks up leading to more excitement. In the third stanza everything picks up and “the municipal pipe bursting” gives a sudden burst of new energy into the poem. The last stanza gradually slows down as the statement has already been made and water is falling from the sky.Water is necessary for sustaining all life and is more abundant in some places than in others. When we need water we will do whatever it takes however long it takes.

This poem strongly shows a place where water is not so abundant and perceives water as a blessing from God himself.


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