Bo Jackson Sample Essay

Everyone has a favourite jock that they admire watching as they grow up.

But my favourite jock is a jock that I was ne’er able to see drama. His name is Vincent Edward Jackson better known as Bo Jackson. He was born on November 30. 1962 in Bessemer. Alabama.

Jackson came to fame as a multi-talented jock. who excelled in baseball. football and path at an early age. His superior athletic abilities memorized me in ways that no other jock has. He had a organic structure of a Grecian God and a personality of a church mouse.

Bo’s athletic term of office was so brief ; he played professional football and baseball for less than 10 old ages. . I foremost became familiar with Bo when I asked my male parent who he thought was one of the greatest jocks in the history of the universe. He told me how Bo’s strength and velocity could non be compared to any other jock that he has of all time known.

This past month I watch a show 30 For 30 which documented the life of Bo Jackson. That show solidified in my head that he is my all clip favourite jock. Bo was an incredible football running back but football was his 2nd best athletics. His best athletics was baseball he was baseball. he could hit the ball stat mis and stat mis off with easiness.In high school he was recruited by the New York Yankees. At the clip the Yankees were the best squad in the MLB. The Northerners offered him 1000000s of dollar to come and play for them right after he graduated high school.

But what I liked about him was that he didn’t attention about money. turning up he was hapless but himself and his household were proud of what they even though it was small. The money that the Northerners offered him didn’t faze him he wanted to go to college. He wanted to be the first individual in his household to graduate from college. That amazed me that he had the option to come out of high school and be a instant millionaire. Then in college he had the chance to go forth college and play professional athleticss but he made a promise to his female parent before she died that he would graduate from college. He attended Auburn University where he played football and baseball from 1982-1985.He won the Heisman trophy in 1985 and was one of the top chance in baseball.

His ability to play a full season of baseball and so play a season of football with small clip to status for football amazes me. Football is a full twelvemonth athletics once the season ends you travel right into the weight room and lift to acquire stronger for the following season. but he ne’er did that. Peoples have said that he was a jock that came about one time in a hundred old ages. If you grew up in the 1980’s Bo was the one of the first people you talked about when you talked about sports. With all of these incredible athletic capablenesss Bo was non the sort of individual to boast to anyone. Some people have said he was the worse individual to interview because he was so quiet that it was difficult acquiring him to reply the inquiries exhaustively.

Besides Bo didn’t take notice to the amazing things he did on the playing field.The best portion about Bo was that he was so low and he had a batch of things to boast about. All the great jocks today are so cocky and brassy with everything they do and to me that decreases the sum that I like them. For a individual to look up to an jock that they have ne’er seen a full game of theirs is pretty particular. It shows the great affect that jock has on a individual. Bo Jackson is non merely my favourite jock but besides a individual one admire and seek to be like him. Although his athletic term of office was s brief it will non be forgotten for many old ages to come.


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