Book Analysis: Heart of Darkness Essay

When traveling for hours on end In grueling conditions, an Individual may develop a variety of mental and physical obstacles.

Although the most obvious of this “suffering” is found in the natives, Marrow as well as his shipmates are also significantly impacted.Conrad portrays the psychological stresses and physical demands Marrow endures through his extensive SE of syntax, diction, and specific detail leading the reader on an unforgettable journey into “the heart of darkness” itself. While traveling through treacherous Jungles up the Congo River, not only are Marrows physical demands clearly depicted through Concord’s immense diction, syntax, and use of detail, but the reader is actually able to see and feel the demands themselves.Early on In the passage he uses diction to describe the air as being “warm, thick, heavy, and sluggish,” which Illustrates a scene that the protagonist must eight and struggle to continues under the extreme conditions.

Syntax Is heavily used when Conrad uses anaphora by beginning each phrase with “l had”; this creates a stream of consciousness that shows the reader that even after Marrow did all of those things, there was always something physically challenging still waiting.Conrad uses detail to note the harsh landscape that Marrow traversed through by “going up the river,” showing how he fought the current, leaving a great strain on himself. Concord’s use of detail goes hand in hand with his use of diction when Marrow says, an empty stream, a great silence, and impenetrable forest. ” This sentence creates a powerful tone of hopelessness, and the use of the word “Impenetrable” also creates a feeling of anxiety and Intensity.

The worth of any physical journey can be measured by the value It has to the traveler by the physical, moral and philosophical Insight gained during the course of travel. While these are only a few examples of how diction, syntax, and detail portray the physical demands he endured, It Is easy to see how Conrad used these techniques to perfectly describe the physicality of the runner. Along with physical demands, Marrow is consistently impacted by psychological stresses that exploit his true feelings and mental deterioration.Concord’s diction in the excerpt establishes a tone that is granting and frayed. Words and phrases such as “guessing”, “hidden”, “gloom”, “bewitched”, “ripped”, “clap my teeth smartly’, and “heart flew out” create negative connotation that paint vivid pictures of the stressful situation Marrow was placed in; an unpredictable, unknown area where he tightropes the line between life and death.

Complex use of syntax also greatly contributes to the portrayal of Marrows mental health.The repetition of “l had” and Concord’s use of copious amounts of semi-colons depicts a stream of consciousness In which each separate phrase creates a hectic and rushed tone that makes a reader comprehend the true nature of the situation at hand. Syntax can also be observed when Conrad luckily. ” Again, he utilizes the stream of consciousness technique by including interruptions of Marrows intense thoughts, and in turn shows the nearly insane side f Marrow by traumatizing his emotional rant.

Concord’s use of detail creates imagery that portrays how vast Marrows environment truly is and the and the deterioration of his mind. Within the second line of the selection Marrow states, “An empty stream, a great silence, and impenetrable forest. ” He describes the stream as empty and the forest as impenetrable creating imagery of a very calm and isolated area which contradicts Marrows disturbed mind.

Through the use of these literary techniques, Conrad effectively depicts the psychological stresses Marrow experiences.Without Concord’s use of syntax, diction, and specific detail, the psychological stresses and physical demands that Marrow endures wouldn’t be evident. These psychological stresses and physical demands serve as windows to the true “heart of darkness” by allowing the reader to recognize the struggle Marrow faces. Through grueling conditions, Conrad successfully depicts the mental and physical obstacles Marrow must climb while depicting the central issue of the Belgian Congo that makes Heart of Darkness a riveting novella.


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