Book Report on Harry Potter and the Globlet of Fire Essay

This story is about Triwizard Tournament.

Mysteriously, a fourth champion was chosen: Harry, who never submitted his name and he needed to join this tournament. After the first two tasks, Harry was the first two in the competition. Nevertheless, when he had the third task, he meets Voldemort again, because one of the death eaters restored Lord Voldemort to his former powers and a new body.

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Then, Harry tried to disarm Voldemort with the Expelliarmus spell, at exactly the same time as Voldemort used the Avada Kedavra.The two curses met in the air and interlock, causing an effect called Priori Incantatem to take place. This bond between the wands causes the spirits of Voldemort’s most recent murdered victims, including Cedric Diggory, James and Lily Potter, to spill out from his wand. The spirit victims provided protection to Harry, allowing him to escape with Diggory’s body and leaving Voldemort behind in a rage. However, Moody wanted to kill him who always supports him in Triwizard Tournament, because this Moody was a member of the Death Easter.

Luckily, Dumbledore barged in and save Harry.Reflective Response:My favourite character is Harry Potter who is the main character and handsome in this film because he is generous to tell Diggory that what the first task is in Tournament. Also, I think he is unselfish as he protects his dead schoolmate Cedric Diggory’s body from Voldemort. Besides, I think he is brave because in the second task, Harry rescues his competitor’s sister who he needn’t to help. But he gives up the first and save Ron and his competitor’s sister. In our daily life, Harry is a good manner to learn from, as we can exchange our idea in our study and the student who is good in study can help the others who have some difficulties in study. Also, I think the people who live in have high living standard should help the people who live in Africa and poor country.

For example, they can donate some money or material to the poor, also, the country which have higher technology, they can provide some elites or technology to the poor country to help them to self-sufficiency. It is not only good for the poor, but also good for the rich. When the poor earn more money they will buy more things from the rich countries, so it also helps the rich to earn more money. It looks like after Harry helped his competitor’s sister. Even Harry was the last to finish his task; the judges let him to be the second. To sum up, I think help the other people is double win.

My favourite scene is Harry know that Moody is charged from a Death Easter and this Death Easter wanted to kill Harry. I think this part of movie can let me know that many people wear a mask to meet the other people and we need to prevent them, otherwise, they maybe hurt you. Also, the first task is one part that I like. Inasmuch as I know when we meet difficulties, we can ask somebody to help, such as family members, teachers and friends. Because they will help you and give you some suggestions to solve your problem. Besides, we need to use our benefits to help us to be a winner in the competition. In the first task, Harry use his benefits-quidditch to win in the first tournament.

It is suggested that, when you watch this film, you can enjoy the visual effects. When Harry fight with the dragon, you can see he fly in the sky. In reality, the actor only rides on a broomstick and does some difference movement.

But in the silver screen, we can see that Harry fly in the sky and do some difficult action.I would like to recommence this film to the children. Inasmuch as this can show them that what mean is team spirit. When Harry faces some problems, his friends will help him to solve these problems, such as Longbottom give some gillyweed to Harry and it help Harry to past his task. So, I hope that my classmates can like Longbottom to help the others to solve their problems and it will build up the friendship between the classmates.

After I watch this film, I know that my parents support me all the time. When Harry is fighting with Voldemort, his father and mother spirit appear and help their son to avoid the danger and save his life. So, I think I ought to devotion for my parent, as even they get old, and they always care for me.Besides, I know that no one can reawaken the dead, even in the black magic world, so the one who still in the world should continues to alive and treasure the one who still can stand in front of you.

Also, I know that while there’s life, there is hope.In addition, I know that we should listen to our teacher’s opinion. In this film, Fred and George Weasley didn’t listen to Dumbledore and they put their name into Globlet Fire. Then, they became two old men. In my daily life, the teachers always give some suggestions to me, such as do some revision, and pay attention in the classroom. However, I don’t listen to them, so I have a bad result in my exam. After I watch this film, I will try to listen to my teachers.

Critical Response:This film is my favoutite film. Although it is quite long, it does not have any low spirit. So I think the director is very violent. Also, there are many of actor are very handsome, so it maybe a reason that attract the people to buy a ticket to watch this film. To sum up, if the film wanted to success, not only have a good director, but also have some handsome or pretty actor or actress.I think this story is good because it bring out a positive sense, such as generous, striving, courageous and modesty.

So, I would definitely recommend this book to others inasmuch as it can help the children to build up positive values. After the children watch this film, they will imitate Harry and become brave and generous. Also, they will know that the evil can never prevail over the good. I think this is important for them when they grow up.In addition, this film can enlighten the people who interest in magic history. In this film, it shows us many spell some strange monster and some magic object.

So, after the people watch film, I believe that some creativity will be enlightened.Also, I think the actors’ expression are also very well in this movie, especially the quarrel between Harry and Ron. In my opinion, Ron is well in demonstrating a person that jealous of the other one. Not only his facial expression, but also his tone and action.If I were Diggory, I would not die, because I would not give the change for Wormtail to kill me.

Even Voldemort was standing with him; he didn’t have any power to kill me. So, I will kill Wormtail and Voldemort before Wormtail kill me.When I compare Harry Potter and Narnia, both of them are taking about some magical things. Such as the monster can talk with us and both of the main characters are human.

Furthermore, both of the films are bring out a positive sense, such as brave and faith.


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