Book Review of Not So Quiet Essay

The function of adult females during the First World War or even the Second World War has ne’er been to the full recognized as that of work forces. There are merely a few literary and academic pieces which depict the functions that they played and their significance to it. In this respect. kids who are tasked to read history books get the impression that adult females did nil important during the war. However. in world. there are many adult females who played of import functions during the war. their attempt were merely left unrecognised by historiographers. Women. merely like work forces besides participated in the war and exerted enormous attempt merely to acquire through it.

Many of them besides served in the conflict grounds contending for their state and assisting their countrymen who are put on the lining their lives merely to raise the flags of their state and protect their involvements. The book Not So Quiet by Helen Zenna Smith mirrors one of the important functions that adult females played during the First World War. The narrative is a amusing and lively narrative of a group of adult females who served as ambulance drivers for the British ground forces. They had the privilege of conveying the hurt soldiers from the stop deading cold of the war zone.

These adult females were sent by their parents to function in the ground forces in order to mean their nationalism for the British Crown. Their parents are really proud of their kids who are in the ground forces. However. they merely don’t know the hurting and adversities that they are traveling through merely to be considered as nationalists. These adult females were under the tuition of their Commandant. who they named as “Mrs. Bitch” . As the name itself signifies. Mrs. Bitch is non a really good Commanding officer in the eyes of the misss. She is really alert and rigorous. She wants the misss to be ever on the spell while the misss at times would desire to rest from their heavy work.

For case. they want to take a nice bath but they can non because they do non hold the sufficient installations that would let them to and even of they had. Mrs. Bitch would non let them. Furthermore. Mrs. Bitch was really barbarous that she would take every hurting they complain of as “mere feminine affectation” . Tosh. one of the female ambulance drivers. decided to cut her hair short because her hair is get downing to be a house of lice. This act was frowned by many of her co-workers since she looks like a male child. To them. the hair reflects a batch about feminity.

It is a coronating glorification of every adult females and therefore should be preserved every bit much as possible. However. for Tosh. the hair is non much of a large trade particularly if she can non hold the resources in order to care to it. Although Smithy is functioning hard in the war. she does non see the point of traveling to war and casting dozenss of blood. Unlike those people who are so captive to going a nationalist. she holds the position that wars are unpointed and useless. It is a ghastly mode of taking off limb parts from a human being and stoping many guiltless lives.

Everyday. she takes the organic structures of work forces shouting from hurting. They are full of blood and some parts of their organic structures are even losing. She somehow empathizes with their cause but she can non make anything but to convey them to where medical services are available. In add-on. wars besides put adult females like her on the line 24 hours a twenty-four hours. seven yearss a hebdomad merely to function the demands of her countrymen. irrespective if they are ill. “Ambulance drivers have no fixed hours. They can be called out any one of the 20 four. ” Helen said. The entire war changed Helen’s life in so many ways than one.

First she was exposed to the worlds of life. Populating in their place with her parents and siblings. she had non thought how the war zone is like and what nationalism is all about. The war zone is non a topographic point for those who are weak and afraid. It is a topographic point for strong and determined persons. In add-on. the war zone is a non topographic point for those who do non hold respect for nationalism. Although non a self-acclaimed nationalist. she has done much for her state to see her 1. She has to work in field even if she is ill or had non even experienced a complete remainder.

Furthermore. her work requires her to adequately take attention of the ill and injured soldiers while they are non yet being attended to by medical practicians. Ambulance drivers are non merely drivers. They besides need to take excess attention in covering with the demands of the people the conveyance. “We have no fixed remainder times after driving all dark. and see ourselves lucky to acquire back-to-back hours’ sleep…” “We are supposed to hold an afternoon off weekly…I ne’er had mine one time. ” Helen claimed. There was even an case wherein she is ill but had to pass merely a few hours of remainder as this is the Commandant asked her to.

Another alteration that Smithy had to cover with is to eat the nutrient served on the tabular array. In the comfort of her ain place. she has a caring female parent to take attention of her repasts. She eats toothsome and satisfiable nutrient. However. her service in the war forced her to eat whatever the cook serves them. the gustatory sensation be it good or bad. Eating as a affair of fact has become a joy for the drivers as they do non eat anything if they are on the route. “Any driver out on responsibility during mealtimes merely misses the repast. ” Helen said. Furthermore. Smithy was raised to go dainty and proper.

She was educated with the proper ways of speech production and moving in forepart of many people. She was raised good. nevertheless. in the war zone. she had to be accustomed to the barbarous mode of speech production and covering with other people. It is a man’s universe and she needs to allow travel of her desire for edification merely to last and be the hero that her parents expect from her. She can merely whine about the alterations that she is confronting. “My conversation daily is turning less refined. ” Smithy said. Having a adult female in the war zone is wholly hard. There are many accommodations that the adult female needs to confront merely to last the war.

The first thing that she should acquire accustomed with is the fact that she does non hold the luxury of clip to featherbed and fancify herself. In the instance of Smithy. they are ambulance drivers who are ever on the spell. They can be called anytime therefore. they can non acquire their hairs done or use make up on before they leave otherwise. their patients will decease. In add-on. they besides do non hold the option to hold a nice bath or to care for themselves. They have to fulfill themselves with whatever is available. “We have non had our garments off for nine days… . ” Smithy claimed.

Compared to work forces. adult females are really witting of their expressions. the apparels that they wear and the visual aspect that they exude to the populace. nevertheless. Smithy and her co-ambulance drivers had no room for any of these feminine modus operandis. They need to endure in the itching of their caputs and organic structures. “We have been rubing furiously for yearss by. ” Smithy expressed. Aside from their expressions. adult females who are functioning in war zone besides need to acquire accustomed with a light diet while working the undertakings of a adult male. They had to content themselves whatever is available be they stale biscuits or the bad nutrient in the canteen.

As Smithy said. “we are ever hungry in changing degrees” . Another trouble that they faced but encountered is covering with bloody shouting work forces. At first they had trouble finishing their undertakings but as they went along. they got used to deceasing work forces inside the carts of their ambulance. The adult females in the narrative may hold faced trouble in finishing their undertaking as ambulance drivers but they managed to draw it off. While being a adult female gave them several troubles in covering with their occupation. they did non utilize these in order to endorse off and go forth their deceasing countrymen in the war zone.

These adult females merely show that work forces and adult females are merely as capable in making anything for their state. These adult females survived in a man’s universe and became instrumental in salvaging the lives of their soldiers. In this respect. adult females should ne’er be forgotten in history books. They should be seen in equal visible radiation as work forces are for they excessively have their ain part to the autonomy that many states now enjoy. Mention: Smith. H. and Marcus. J. ( 1989 ) . Not so quiet: stepdaughters of war. New York: Feminist Imperativeness


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