Boston Bombing Essay

Joe DeCerchio I-Search Bobbie & John 29, April 2013 The Boston Marathon Bombings The Boston Marathon is an annual race that has been taking place on Patriot’s Day, which is the third Monday of April, since 1897.

The race usually attracts about 20,000 participants and more than 500,000 spectators! On April 15, 2013 the Boston Marathon was targeted by two radical Islamic brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev. At approximately 2:49 PM on that day, two bombs were detonated at the home stretch of the race on Boyleston Street.The bombs were placed 180 yards apart and were detonated 13 seconds apart from one another, killing 3 and injuring over 180.

This is possibly the biggest and most controversial terroristic event we have seen since 9/11! I would love to know the motives of these terrorists. What were they thinking? Was this a part of their religious beliefs? Was this revenge on someone or something? There are still so many questions that are unanswered and that we may never know the answers to.I am very intrigued by this because it is the first act of terror on American soil in which I am old enough to truly understand what is actually going on.

The title of my first article is ’10 Boston Marathon Rumors That Need To Be Stopped Immediately’, I found this article through Bobbie when she had her class on the Boston Marathon Bombing on Wednesday April 24, 2013. This article talks about rumors of the bombings such as the death toll, false flag reports, and also government involvement in the attack. In my opinion, some of those ‘rumors’ could be true.Even though they have already found the bombers and they have been convicted I still am skeptical about the possible government involvement. There were many changes in the story of what had happened which could have been from people questioning the story.

It is also going to be hard to find out the truth because one brother is dead and the other is in critical condition at a hospital in Boston. My second article is ‘Badly wounded Boston Marathon bombing suspect responding to questions’; I found this article on google on Sunday April 28, 2013.This article talks about how the severely wounded Tamerlan is communicating with police through writing. Tamerlan is in critical condition in a Boston hospital with a neck injury that may have came about due to a suicide attempt prior to his capture. Also this article says that the Boston Mayor was unsure if we would be able to question the attacker due to his injuries and what they are going to do with him in terms of pressing charges and where he will be spending his sentence at. Personally, I am glad that Dzhokar is able to talk to the police so we can find out the exact details on what has been going on.Apparently he has been telling the police that he wanted nothing to do with the attack and that his older brother Tamerlan had forced him to help.

The law officials should just send him straight to Guantanamo Bay and let him rot out in a jail cell. My last article is ‘Boston bombing probe: What female DNA may mean in investigation’; I found this article through google news. In this article they explain how there has been female DNA found on the bombs that were used in the attacks. They are unsure whether or not this may have come from a female accomplice or from a female who had sold the parts that were used to make the bomb.

They are also testing the deceased Tamerlan’s wife to see if it is her DNA on the bombs, which may change her status with the law. I am hoping that it is her DNA on the bombs because that will mean that they have also found an accomplice who is able to talk to the police, so far she has been cooperative with them. If they do find that it is her DNA and she talks about who has helped them it may lead to other accomplices and also further motives behind the attacks. Upon writing this paper I have learned quite a few things about this attack.

Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev were brothers from Dagestan who practiced radical Islamic beliefs, they were previously under investigation by the FBI but the investigation was ceased because there was no evidence to convict the brothers. Although they still have not yet found the motives of the bombers, the situation is close to being fully solved. One brother, Tamerlan is deceased. The other brother, Dzhokar is in critical condition and has not been speaking to police since being read his Miranda Rights. The widow of deceased Tamerlan is cooperating with police to help piece this all together.Soon this will all be behind us when we find everything that there is to be found. Works Cited Williams, Pete.

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