Box the Pony Speech Essay

Box the Pony, Lea Purcell Today I’m going to talk about two themes that Lea Purcell raises in her performance “Box the Pony, which are both stereotyping and assimilation Towards the Aboriginal people. I’m also going to talk about the techniques in which she uses to help convey these ideas across to her audience like, blocking, dialect, dramatic pauses, physiologically and Juxtaposition My first theme I’m going to talk about is how Lea Purcell uses stereotyping in her performance.Stereotyping is when a person or a roof make Judgments on another person or group without knowing them. Lea Purcell finds that because of racial discrimination and stereotyping from the European people she has been left out from society. An example of stereotyping in Box the Pony is when Lea turns up to the real estate agency and speaks one word, “Giddy’. The real estate agent immediately stereotypes Lea into what she thinks Aboriginals are which is poor and violent, and spurts out, “we haven’t any money, we haven’t any money, take what you want”.With the use of humor in this part and the technique of dialect and blocking, she lightens up any tension in the audience which enables her to follow up with otherwise would be rude or distasteful comments.

My second example of stereotyping comes from scene 2. “She grabs her bag and goes, like I was going to hit her or something, she backs in her gate, up the path falls in the front door, rolls up the hall way doing backward somersaults in slow motion”. Lea then follows this with a dramatic pause to let her audience think about what Just happen.She over exaggerates this part to help her again to push the message to the audience about how Europeans stereotype Aboriginals to be violent. In turn using physical techniques like miming the actions of the frantic woman helps Lea Parcel’s convey the idea of how Europeans stereotypes Aboriginals to be poor and violent. In turn Lea tries to give the message that she was very excluded from society because of stereotyping. My second theme from Lea Purcell performance is assimilation.

Assimilation is the process and product of one background coming to see themselves s another background.Lea takes a quote from her mum “you can take the girl out of the mission but you can’t take the mission out of this mall little black gin from pomade’s! “. Lea uses the dramatic technique of dialect and humor together to convey assimilation from aboriginal culture to European culture. She uses a common saying and manipulated to further enhance the message of assimilation to her audience. My second example of assimilation comes from Lea Juxtaposing the European culture with a traditional Aboriginal dance. This example comes from scene 15 in the tag directions.It describes Lea getting into a European car while dancing to an aboriginal dance.

Lea is trying to contrast these two things together to show how assimilation has seriously impacted her culture and how it’s been lost. She juxtaposes through the use of physicality’s theatre to help give a visual message of assimilation to her audience. Lea Purcell tries and gives her audience an understanding to what assimilation and stereotyping NAS done to near culture and elite through the use of techniques in her performance, thank you for listening.


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