Self-esteem and ethical motives Essay

At the window – bored. reverie. attracted to somethingParaphrase:Stanza 1 – The male child weeps because a snowman stands alone outside and is approximately to endure through a rough dark.Stanza 2 – The snowman does non desire to travel indoors and run. but he feels grateful for the boy’s concern of him.IntensionSnowman – cold and hardened person-literally and emotionallyAll entirely – he is independent. yet lonelyMore than he can bear – the adult male is enduring outsideNight of gnashings and tremendous groan – agonies for the adult male outside to confrontFearful sight – afraid of the alienPale-faced figure – sicklyBitumen – coalGod-forsaken stare – the adult male is sad and in hurtingOutcast Adam gave to paradise – sorry he did non recognize lucks one time possessedMan of snow – the hard-boiled and cold adult maleContented – takes duty for his ain action.

so he has nil to kick aboutNo want to travel indoors – adult male wants to stand up for his picks. and non take contributionsDie – decease of his self-esteem and ethical motivesMoved to see the child call – thankful for the uncalled for clemency and compassionFrozen H2O – though one time warm and fluxing. now difficult and frozenComponent – the man’s character and psycheThaws – bosom softensOne soft oculus – a rare warm. soft country found with the adult maleTrickle – really small sumPurest rain.

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a tear – though frozen. his psyche still has the base-kindnessBright window glass – the separation between the two. why the adult male and male child are unlikeSuch heat. such light. such love. and so much fright – Though the guiltless male child feels sorry for the adult male. he is still afraid of the alien.

Attitude: Poet – positive attitude because uses the male child to demo compassion no affair who is involved or in what state of affairs. “To see the child cry” shows the true commiseration the male child feels for him.Speaker – negative because the male child remained fearful like on line 5 where it talks about the boy’s “fearful sight” of the adult male who did non have any shelter against the unsafe dark.Shifts: 1. Line 9. In the first stanza it seemed like the snowman wished to travel inside the house.

nevertheless in the beginning of the 2nd stanza it says the snowman is content outdoors.2. Line 14-15 – line 14 discusses the cryings of the snowman. but in line 15 it switches back to the male child watching from inside the windowTitle: Boy at the Window – the male child is comfy indoors while being protected by the window.

which symbolizes all of the love he has. The love he receives separates him from the cold universe outside and the people he feels sorry for in it.Subjects:Children do non judge who they give they’re compassion and clemency toOne should be responsible for his ain picks and actions takenWorlds have a fright of the unknown. such as aliens


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