Breaking Through Essay

“Success is non concluding. failure is non fatal ; it’s the bravery to go on that counts” ( Winston Churchill ) . Life is dependent on our dreams. If you of all time fail along the manner to your success. you’ll be tempted to acquire yourselves right back and go on your journey. Although. if of all time found yourself to be successful. would you halt there? Or would you hold the bravery to go on and put higher ends for yourself? In the book “Breaking Through” in which Francisco Jimenez is the chief character and writer. he faces many obstructions. Although. Francisco has encountered multiple obstructions. he has many features. which are being responsible. ambitious and respectful.

Francisco has faced many quandaries in his life. yet they’ve made Francisco a better individual at the terminal of the twenty-four hours. Francisco has countless of features. Although the 1s in which stood out the most would be being responsible. ambitious and respectful. Francisco has a big figure of features. which make him such an admirable character in the book “Breaking Through” . The first feature that plays a large function in Francisco’s character would be being responsible. Francisco’s dreams are to travel to college and have a better hereafter for himself and his household. Although his place state of affairs and him being emigrate from Mexico. fighting with English cause him to confront many obstructions before he reaches his end. Due to his place state of affairs. Francisco learns to be really responsible. One perfect illustration would be when Roberto and Francisco come back to Bonnetti spread with out their parents.

Roberto and Francisco had to travel to school and work and in conclusion salvage money to direct to their parents back at Mexico. Francisco says. “The sounds of Papa’s coughing. the rattling of his aspirin bottle. and the peal of Mama’s twelve-inch lead pipe as she pressed dough to do tortillas were absent. ” Francisco says ( 19 ) The 2nd characteristic Francisco has would be is being really ambitious with assisting his household and his personal ends like go toing college. Francisco has ever loved acquisition but English has non ever been easy for him to larn. Although Francisco has other duties apart from school he works in the Fieldss and with Mike Nevel. One illustration that shows how ambitious Francisco is when he runs for pupil organic structure president. Regardless of Francisco’s other duties he was determined to do clip for school precedences. “If I run and win. I’d have to analyze more in the eventides after work. sleep lupus erythematosus. and jump some school dances. ” “Francisco says ( 140 )

Last. the 3rd characteristic that stood out to me as good is Francisco is really loyal. Francisco and dads have different sentiments about the hereafter. Although dad would prefer for Francisco to non go forth for college. Francisco ever has Papa’s wants in his bosom. Every determination he makes or takes into consideration. Francisco ever thinks about how will it impact his household finically or emotionally. One illustration to this feature would be when Francisco is at his 2nd semester of his senior twelvemonth. When his chap schoolmates are sharing their options on what university they might go to.

Although non for Francisco. he is positive about Papa non allowing him go on his instruction beyond high school. “Some were traveling to the University of California at Santa Barbra or UCLA. Others got into Fresno province but were waiting to hear from Berkeley. I did non portion their enthusiasm. I had to remain at place and go on assisting my household. ” Francisco says ( 163 ) In decision. although Francisco has many features that are shown in “Breaking Through” the 1s that stood out the most me were being responsible. ambitious. and loyal. Features are what make us a good or bad individual at the terminal of the twenty-four hours. Besides. it’s meant for us to demo other people are possible in life or other wise.


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