Bringing in daylight: three painters show how Essay

Ample indirect natural light is an advantage in any house, but
indispensable for an artist. In painters’ home studios, we found
three imaginative window wall ideas that could be adapted to a living
room, dining room, or family room.

For a studio in Woodacre, California, architect Gary Kneeland found
a way to get maximum north light and flexibility: he installed a 15- by
16-foot metal and glass overhead sectional door. This type of door is
usually used in service stations; here it makes sense as a prefabricated glass was that can disappear in warm weather or when large canvases need
to be carried in or out. Look in the yellow pages under Doors, then
look for suppliers of overhead sectional doors.

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A 10- by 14-foot angled window wall dominates Gaile Dubrow’s
studio in Phoenix. The window mullions tie into an overhead beam
spanning the 14-foot-high room. The angle allows the window to tuck
under the roof for overhead shading. Architect Ned Sawyer designed the

Los Angeles architect Marc Appleton incorporated a gracefully
arched window–salvaged from a house that was being demolished–into the
studio wall shown at lower left. By adding three rectangular windows,
one at the bottom and one on each side of the curve window, he created
an extensive wall of glass with a traditional, almost classical feeling.
The flanking panes are casements; the arched window and the pane below
are fixed.


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