Bringing Them Home the Report Essay

ReactionThe reading talks about the experiences of Aboriginal children when they were separated from their families and were taken by an institution or a foster family. The reading details the various issues that surround the area but more especially the effect of such separation to them as persons.            Growing up under the care of a foster family or an institution has affected the aboriginal children’s sense of self.

The article showed examples where the children showed conflict of understanding or of making sense the kind of culture that their foster homes teach them with the kind of culture they were originally exposed to. Some children shared that they were not allowed to speak their native language as they were told that it is the devil’s language. They were made to forget about their aboriginal ways and were forced to adopt another culture. Moreover, children were made to believe that their families especially their parents are problematic and are not capable to raising them at par with moral and social standards.            The children, while they were younger probably did not feel any of the immediate effects of the displacement however as they approach adolescence, they feel alienated from other children and felt that their difference was something bad. Some children wanted to be white because they were led to believe that they are better than their aboriginal roots.

The reading is enlightening because it shows us the other side of philanthropy. Helping the less fortunate is good but it is best achieved when we also respect the ways and the culture of the indigenous communities that we are helping. I think that foster care organizations should approach foster care not just in terms of physically giving a better life to children but at the same time it should be approached as an integrated process where aboriginal children should still be made aware of who they are and what their aboriginal cultures are.


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