British Colonization in Kenya Sample Essay

From around 1870 to the first World War ( 1914 ) . a moving ridge of new imperialism was brought upon the universe. Imperialism was non a by and large new event to the universe. it had been traveling on for centuries before that. Imperialism is fundamentally when a policy seeking to widen its districts targets a specific state. and takes it over. the state being much weaker than the coloniser.

Between New Imperialism and Old Imperialism. there are many features which differed them apart. such as the figure of powers that competed and that New Imperialism was agreed to be the concluding clip of enlargement.

However. there was one thing they both had in common. that being ; Europes hungriness for enlargement. ever contending over who will derive what. and rushing to suppress the most territory. It all started when Europe all at one time realized the potency for Africa.Africa is sometimes thought to hold been where everything began. where the first people on Earth had lived.

Filled with 1000000s of stat mis of virgin land. this big treasure could non hold stayed hidden from the universe for excessively long. Recognizing the utmost failing the indigens had. it was easy to take over.

and it literally was viewed as “up for grabs” since it had no existent defence. Britain took over its portion of East Africa. being contemporary Kenya.

and called it British East Africa. Although bondage had late been banned. the British still had no regard for the black native people. and frequently treated them really ill. The British colonisation in Kenya merely destroyed the native peoples economic system and civilization. but left Kenya a much more modernised stateDuring the late 19th century.

European states including Britain became rather interested in the potency of East Africa. After missionaries. huntsmans. bargainers. scientists and travellers visited and met with the people of this huge land.

their studies they brought back with them were amazing. Harmonizing to them. East Africa was non really rich in natural resources. but it did hold several other key characteristics which attracted the attending of the remainder of the universe one time intelligence spread. Africa had so much trade potency. and being wholly untouched by civilisation. it had apparently fertile land. and would even let for a trade excess.

It seemed as if it was excessively good to be true. but it was non. and all the environing states jumped at the chance to colonise East Africa.Britain. France. Belgium. Portugal.

and Germany wholly tried to colonise as much African land as possible in order to restrict the sum their challengers could take. making what’s known as the Scramble for Africa. By 1886. Germany had already taken a nice sum of East Africa and Britain had to move fast in order to acquire some new land. It took its claim on what is now modern twenty-four hours Kenya. calling it British East Africa ( BEA ) . They wanted to halt other European states from potentially endangering their trade involvements in the Middle East.

Colonization didn’t truly get down until 1985 when BEA became a “protectorate” . a smaller. weaker province which Britain protected and controlled.The British did whatever they wanted in BEA.

without of all time confer withing with the rightful proprietors of the land foremost. They had full control over the native people and even went to the lengths of altering their full life style to new British ways. It ne’er truly occurred to the British authorities to inquire the native African peoples who lived on the land what they should make with the new district. Although it was their land. the British saw the black indigens as lower in power.

following the regulations of societal Darwinism. They built on the land. took control of the best farming area. take new cheifs. and even sometimes married their adult females! It was pathetic that the British merely barged in and took over everything.

merely because “they claimed it first” . it seems quite barbarian really. In order to make more trade chances inland. the British built a railroad system which could provide the fort near Lake Victoria. named after the English Queen. and other inland districts. Different African folks all over BEA were wholly taken advantage of.

The colonialists would take their land. give it new dimensions and even in some instances. wholly change the name of the folk. They had no due regard for them. and ever looked down on them as weaker topics. As for their farming area. the colonists took over the best land.

being the White Highlands. and made regulations so that no African was allowed to ain belongings at that place. hence the name.

After holding the indigens under their control. the British imposed a system called “Indirect rule” . They would re-appoint heads for the small towns themselves who would so describe back to the British authorities. and follow their regulations. By making this.

the British had imposed their western manner of life on every small town. holding their ain specifically chosen head for each who would follow their regulations. The British reasonably much merely stormed in. and believed that since they were white. they could make whatever they want to the weak black indigens. and so they did. They claimed the land unrightfully.

and did whatever they felt was needed in order to make their Utopian trade state.The African Natives had literally no experience with eastern revenue enhancement systems. and the British took major advantage of this. Since the British had control over them. they forced the Africans to pay the highest in revenue enhancements while the European colonists were given all the authorities services promised. They really banned the Africans from turning the most profitable harvests.

this manner they could be saved for the European economic system. and the Africans would still be at poorness degrees. Sometimes. the authorities did some underhand things.

working with the tribal ways of the people to their advantage. They paid homesteaders. husbandmans who were given land to farm. 12 shillings every 30 yearss. However. they besides forced them to pay the hut-tax. being 12 shillings per hut they owned.It could come out to be a really heavy load on a hapless African adult male because due to ancient tradition.

he could hold several married womans. and each married woman must be given their ain hut. ( Joyce Moss and Lorraine Valestuk.

Vol. 2: African Literature and Its Times. Detroit: Gale Group. 2000. p317-326. Allison Weisz ) . Soon.

mass sums of people began to come into BEA from all different foreign states. Missionaries preached new faiths. Before. the Europeans had converted some Kenyan native peoples to Islam. Some Indian shopkeepers attempted to change over local Kenyans to Muslim besides. but failed in making so. Europeans brought Christianity with them.

which was already present in BEA but wasn’t widespread. Because of this. the Europeans were easy able to change over many folks to Christianity.


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