Brochure: Jamaica Essay

This brochure about Jamaica tries to induce the reader to take part right from the beginning. It starts by talking about Jamaica’s geography. The writer starts by giving statistics to attempt to make the reader believe that they have insider knowledge about Jamaica and the brochure is going to be reliable; this is shown when it says: “Just under 150 miles long and 51 miles a its widest, Jamaica is one of the biggest islands of the Caribbean”. The writer employs the use of short sentences to make a formal start to the brochure to make it sound as factual rather than a personal opinion even though most of it is opinion.

Besides, he uses “biggest” and “highest” because the superlatives in fact make this location more attractive as a destination. The writer uses emotive language like “exquisite” and “amazing” to make the traveller attracted to the Island. “Exquisite” suggests senses; taste, as if Jamaica was a delicacy.

Imperatives such as “wade” in the second paragraph, are used to sort of force the reader do certain things, this is to make the reader feel obliged to do things like swim with sharks or other extreme activities. He uses it in the phrase “wade through the pools”.In the brochure, personification is used to make us get the impression of being in the Jamaican environment; “nestle temptingly” the writer uses this so that the reader has the sense of already being there, the word “nestle” makes the setting feel very comfortable and relaxing. Alliteration is utilized so that the words are burnt into the reader’s mind fused with the aid of the rhythm created, this is represented when it says “stunning scenery”, in this example; you can see how the emotive language together with the sound of the words makes them and its meaning etch into people’s minds.In the Brochure the writer awakens the drowsy senses of the conceivable tourist; “delighted” is usually referred to the emotions and by using this, the tourist becomes attracted, to the nourishing like scenery. At the preamble of the Brochure, it is written in present tense; “is”, to make the audience believe that they are already in the referred scene, and glide into its own creative power. This makes the reader be beguiled by its own imagination.

Later on, the writer modifies the tense to avoid the language seem monotonous, “can” he induces possibility to suggest variation, to show that the tourist has many alternatives, and “can” do one or the others. Additionally it changes anew the verb forms and tense into future; “will” the penman does this, again to make the reader’s imagination travel and get the impression of their presence on the island, this makes the reader feel increasingly hypnotised by the site.In addition, the brochure talks about Jamaica’s gastronomy interweaving actual facts with the writer’s opinion, however the opinion is emphasised to try and persuade the tourist’s will; “Jamaican food has some strong flavours- jerk chicken and pork is well spiced and barbecued on a smoky grill. Goat or chicken curry is common, as are rice n’ peas”, this quote is very intense because of the diversity performed in the language and punctuation.A hyphen is used to list traditional plates in the Jamaican gastronomy “strong flavours- jerk chicken”, the author does this so that the reader gets enticed by its customs together with the idea of new experiences. Furthermore, “smoky grill” is utilized to devise an outdoor ambience, this makes the audience magnetised to the destination because it gets an image of being keen on new flavours combined with the paradisiacal sight. Moreover, the use of pronouns like “you”, to make it accessible to everybody, creating an informal ambience.

It is also used because it involves directly the audience which makes them attracted to the environment because of the cosiness created. When trying to describe the areas of Montego Bay; the writer uses the connective “although” to offer a contrast to the following opposing argument “although play is more expensive that the UK”, by talking about a fact that may cause an impediment for the reader to travel to the island, it creates a paradoxical feeling because it provokes an attraction for the tourist because they feel uncheated.This negative aspect is contrasted with a solution-like opinion, which makes the scene seem like a peaceful place. Furthermore, in the “useful information” facts and statistics are used, the author wants to facilitate and make easier the visit through Jamaica by giving advice for certain situations, “Tipping remains an entirely and discretionary matter though expected by providers” he recommends the traveller to give a tip to labourers, this makes the writer seem as knowledgeable, which makes the traveller feel increasingly confidents about the chosen destination.To conclude the written information, the penman slides out key phrases and words like “relax and enjoy the Jamaican sunshine” this makes the reader return to the idea of relaxing and enjoying the climate which are the main tourists’ aims.

Nevertheless, not only is the language used to induce the audience but in this brochure the designers introduce graphs to prove the statistics in a visible way. Besides the beginning paragraphs, the creators have pasted a graph which shows a comparison between UK’s and Jamaica’s average of the daily maximum temperatures.They do this to make Jamaica’s virtues, its weather, stand-out. In addition, the designers created this graph in a thoughtful way because Jamaica’s rival is easily surmountable. The UK is well known as a dull country referred to its climate which makes Jamaica detached as an observation made the UK’s maximum temperature shown in the graph is just up to “20i?? C”, while Jamaica’s is way up over “30i?? C”. The content of the brochure is very influential; however, when the reader first opens the brochure, what predominate to the reader’s sight is the powerful colours of the images.The panels are merged into photographs by having similar bluish tones, this makes the audience become hypnotised by the fresh-like ambience as it creates a serene atmosphere.

The image that most remains memorable is the one above the writing because it reveals an alternative scene as most of the Brochures have images of typical pale golden sand and shallow watered Caribbean beaches while this Brochure offers a variety of refreshing colours, like the greens in the different species of plants.All of this lush vegetation creates a tropical ambience which makes the audience desire to be in the scene. Additionally, the red flower on the bottom left, this inspires an exotic feeling because the warm colour of the flower contrasts with the cool brisk tones of the waterfall and the vegetation, and this makes the tourist get seduced by the aphrodisiac surroundings. Also, in the photograph the reader can discern a local native man that gives an image of gondolier as he’s on top of a typical Jamaican barque which specially entices couples as it makes it look as a romantic Elysium.By putting this local man alone in such a Garden of Eden like environment it makes stressed business men and women desire to be there because it makes them free from their urban and swift lifestyles. As many tourists don’t want to try new and different destination the brochure’s designers also pasted an image of an ordinary destination with the fair sand and aquamarine clear waters. This photograph at the bottom of the Brochure has the typical palm trees, which gives an image of the common Caribbean destination.

The quote at the top of the image creates an impact of the reader because it touches every positive aspect about Jamaica.In two lines the writer gives a personal brief recommendation, which makes it more trustworthy. “Sun and fun”, this extract of the quote offers the reader what he demands, good climate and enjoy. Moreover, it also offers Jamaica’s traditions so that the writer seems knowledgeable “reggae beat”. Then the quote comes up with the common outstanding Caribbean characteristics “fabulous beaches and lush tropical scenery”, which induces the reader to keep on reading because the quote is so precise and concise that the audience wants to keep on reading.


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