Marketing objective            ? Toget 12% market share (from 11%)            ? To increase sales by 8.5%             ? To increased marketing to match the growth inseasonal demand that occurs during this period            ? Average the stores achieved $24,680 per weekfor the year.            Marketingactivities            Accordingto marketing objective above we will use the activities below to implementmarketing activities to increase sale and market share. (All advertising, PRand in-store displays will carry the web address line of ‘Find us at www.houzit.

com’. Anduse keyword ‘stylish bathroom’ and ‘exotic mirrors’)            ? Magazineadvertising and PR             Wewill buy space in Magazine to put PR Article to promote our store. The magazinewe use will be Home magazine i.e. Home beautiful or Inside Out mainly topromote “stylish bathroom” and exotic mirrors”.? In-storepromotions             In-storedisplays will feature these advertising visuals and link the featured productswith other areas in Houzit’s assortment.

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            ? Webbased promotionsThe company’s web page will also carry the advertising visuals on thehome page and will use the PR copy in article marketing on popular articlecontent sites. The webpage will be targeted towards the key words found in thePR article and featured in the advertising of ‘stylish bathroom’ and ‘exoticmirrors’. These keywords will also be secured via pay-per-click trafficdirecting.            Integration of organisational activities             Advertisingvisuals and links will be displayed throughout at Houzit’s assortment and webhomepage.

Company Web address line of “Find us at” will bedisplayed on all goods in store. The webpage will be targeted towards the keywords found in the PR article and featured in the advertising of ‘stylishbathroom’ and ‘exotic mirrors’. These keywords will also be secured viapay-per-click traffic directing.

PR article will be used in on popular articlecontent sites.   Distribution andpricing discussions             As now Houzit has 15 stores inBrisbane. We also have the webpage but provide only information aboutcompany and product information with no opportunity for customers to order andpay online. From this point management may consider about e-commerce in thefuture by make a new distribution channel as online retailing that couldincrease more sale and market share.            Houzitneed to concern about import price.

We need to monitor price of goods we importagainst competitors and exchange rate according to Lamberts informed thecompany about the strong Australian dollar was making imports cheaper to buy,putting pressure on the local suppliers to match prices.KPIs  ?Market share             KPI= 12% market share (up from 11%) and an increase in sales by 8.5% over lastyear’s result ?Marketingcost of customer acquisition             Theboard has set a benchmark of 15% of new sales generated as an appropriatecustomer acquisition cost which can measure by:            – Pay-per-click can use to determinetraffic of customer visit www.houzit.

com also helps to identify famous itemsand customer trend for home wares            -Number of customer visit the stores during a promotional event Delegation ofroles and responsibilities             Wehave 3 main internal staffs and external consulting to responsible thismarketing activities.              Phannapa – Responsible for in-store promotionsactivities            Tony– Responsible for web pages promotions activities            Marie– Responsible for advertising/PR activities            Lambertsconsulting – Responsible for market research and marketing auditsCommunication strategies              To achieve the marketingobjective set. We use many communication strategies to communicate within theteam and to Lamberts consulting it include:            ? Sending email to inform information / make anappointment for meeting or updating work process            ? Meeting both informal and formal tobrainstorm idea to implement marketing activities            ? Visiting the store to observe customer, in-storepromotions activities, display.

            ? Using progress charts                      Summary note fromthe meeting with CEO –         Conduct marketingactivities that meet the marketing objectives of a 12% market share (up from11%) –         Increase in salesby 8.5% over last year’s result-         No expansionstores are planned during this phase of consolidation –         Average thestores achieved $24,680 per week for the year-         The 6 six months ofthe marketing plan to increased marketing to match thegrowth in seasonal demand that occurs during this period also designed to take advantage of the seasonalgrowth in bathroom fittings and mirror categories with linkages to the othertwo categories of Houzit: bedroom fittings and decorative items-         Focus on magazineadvertising and PR, together with in-store promotions and web based promotions-         All advertising,PR and in-store displays will carry the web address line of ‘Find us at’. And use keyword ‘stylish bathroom’ and‘exotic mirrors’-         3 main internalstaffs(Me, Tony and Marie) and external consulting(Lamberts consulting)to responsible this marketing activities.            


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