Bullies vs. Victims Sample Essay

Bullying is the usage of physical. psychological and verbal aggression to intimidate others to subject to the will of another person. There are instances of intimidation in the workplace.

schools. and even your ain place. Once the victim appears to be vulnerable. the bully will so go comfy with their behaviour. At that clip they will individual out specific persons to torture verbally or physically which can do the victim to hold low self-prides and developmental issues. Bullies are frequently people that were bullied themselves before.

They learn from their experiences that the bully has power and control. they imitate the actions of the tough on a victim of their ain – person they feel stronger than. person who is improbable to defy ( Bullying 2010 ) . A few grounds why people bully are for the sense of power to acquire what they want.

to add to their image. and green-eyed monster. First ground persons choose to go toughs is for the sense of power to acquire what they want. In order to be happy. toughs need to hold the upper manus.Many people would wish to hold their manner with others all the clip. but do non experience the demand to coerce anyone to make anything against their will. Bullies are rewarded for exercising power over others by deriving greater power.

which reinforces this negative behaviour ( Furlong. Soliz. Simental 2004 ) .

The type of people that are targeted by a bully would be a individual with low self-pride. One who is excluded from the remainder of their equals and rejected by most. Peoples with these features are easier to take advantage of and the bully will acquire what he or she wants. In some instances persons that become toughs have had a bully of their ain in the yesteryear and are merely copying what was done to them.

They notice how the bully was able to acquire whatever he or she wanted merely by utilizing force. It is said that toughs can be described as angry or depressed which causes them to move on impulse. Popularity is another ground why persons become toughs. The desire to be liked and accepted by their equals of higher position becomes of import and a bully will make whatever it takes to acquire that attending.Making friends is non ever an easy thing to make.

In some instances a kid may experience as if they must make up one’s mind to be the quiet victim or the over aggressive bully. non recognizing that there is an in between point. It is great to be a portion of the popular group.

nevertheless ; doing good friends is truly what is of import. The position should non do a difference. Children who bully. are more likely than other kids to see peer rejection. behavior jobs. anxiousness. and academic troubles.

which causes them to prosecute in rule-breaking behaviour. Victims of these toughs are being tormented mundane merely for the interest of the bully being liked. Some pupils are able to manage the harassing gestures while others are non and fall back to taking their ain lives. A concluding trait that may do an person to go a bully is jealousy. They wish that they could hold what their victims have. The toughs are trying to do up for what they themselves do non hold. The toughs are seeking to make an image because they are non happy with their current one and necessitate a sense of power over others in order to be happy.

In this sense the tough is besides a victim ( Hutchinson Encylopedia 2010 ) .This shows a mark of depression. and can finally direct a kid into a life of offense as they get older due to the desire to acquire what they do non hold. In decision. toughs are looking to hold power over others in order to acquire what they want. Being accepted by their equals plays a big portion in a bully’s action. A bully may experience that torturing or utilizing aggressive behaviour is the best manner to travel. That may be because the tough was bullied himself or herself and knows that it worked for their tough.

They are looking to happen their topographic point in the school. Bullies besides become really covetous of what other persons have that he or she does non hold. For victims. the act of strong-arming can hold permanent effects. which may include changeless fright. reduced self-esteem. and anxiousness.

In add-on to that. research suggests that pupils targeted by toughs in school are likely to see grownup condemnable victimization over the pupils who were ne’er bullied.MentionsBullying. ( 2010 ) . In The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather usher. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //library.

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