Business Communication Sample Essay

Examination Paper: Semester II IIBM Institute of Business Management Examination Paper Business Communication Section Angstrom: Objective Type ( 30 Markss ) ? ? ? This subdivision consists of multiple picks and Short Notes type inquiries. Answer all the inquiries.

Separate one inquiries carry 1 grade each & A ; Part Two inquiries carry 4 Markss each. MM. 100Part one: Multiple picks: 1. __________is an indispensable map of Business Organizations: a.

Information b. Communication c. Power d. None of the above 2.

Physiological Barriers of listening are: a. Hearing damage B. Physical conditions c. Biass d. All of the above 3. Which presentation tend to do you talk more rapidly than usual: a. Electronic B.

Oral c. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’ d. None of the above 4.

What is the chief map of Business Communication: a. Sincerity B. Positive linguistic communication c. Persuasion d. Ethical criterion5. The duties of the office director in a house that produces electronics spares is: a.

Everything in the office runs expeditiously b. Furniture and other equipment in the office is equal c. Processing all the incoming official mail and reacting to some d. All of the aboveIIBM Institute of Business ManagementExamination Paper: Semester II 6. Labov’s Storytelling Model based on: a. Communication through address B.

Language larning c. Group Discussions d. None of the above 7.

Diagonal Communication is fundamentally the: a. Communication across boundaries b. Communication between the CEO and the directors c. Communication through organic structure linguistic communication d. Communication within a section 8. How to do Oral Communication Effective? a. By Clarity B.

By Brevity c. By Right words d. All of the above Direct Eye contact of more than 10 seconds can make: a. Discomfort & A ; Anxiety B. Emotional relationship between hearers and talkers c. Excitement d. None of the above10.

Encoding agencies: a. Transmission B. Perception c. Ideation d. None of the above Part Two: 1.

Define Communication. How can you sort Communication? 2. Explain ‘Space Language’ . 3. Differentiate between good hearers and bad hearers.

4. What are the different types of Business Reports? 5. What is Synopsis?End OF SECTION AIIBM Institute of Business ManagementExamination Paper: Semester II Section B: Case lets ( 40 Markss ) ? ? ? ? This subdivision consists of Case Lashkar-e-Taibas.

Answer all the inquiries. Each Case Lashkar-e-Taiba carries 20 Markss. Detailed information should organize the portion of your reply ( Word limit 150 to 200 words ) . Case let 1 Mr. and Mrs. Sharma went to Woodlands Apparel to purchase a shirt. Mr. Sharma did non read the monetary value ticket on the piece selected by him.

At the counter. while doing the payment he asked for the monetary value. Rs. 950 was the reply. Meanwhile. Mrs. Sharma.

who was still shopping came back and joined her hubby. She was glad that he had selected a nice black shirt for himself. She pointed out that there was a 25 % price reduction on that point. The counter individual nodded in understanding. Mr. Sharma was thrilled to hear that “It means the monetary value of this shirt is merely Rs. 712. That’s fantastic” .

said Mr. Sharma. He decided to purchase one more shirt in bluish colour.In no clip. he returned with the 2nd shirt and asked them to be packed. When he received the hard currency memo for payment.

he was astonished to happen that he had to pay Rs. 1. 900 and Rs. 1. 424. Mr. Sharma could barely accommodate himself to the fact that the counter individual had quoted the discounted monetary value which was Rs. 950.

The original monetary value printed on the monetary value ticket was Rs. 1. 266. Questions 1. What should Mr. Sharma have done to avoid the misinterpretation? 2. Discourse the chief characteristics involved in this instance.

Case let 2 I don’t want to talk to you. Connect me to your foreman in the US. ” hissed the American on the phone. The immature miss at a Bangalore call Centre tried to be every bit polite as she could.At another call Centre.

another twenty-four hours. another immature miss had a Londoner unleashing himself on her. “Young lady. make you cognize that because of you Indians we are losing occupations? ” The outsourcing recoil is acquiring ugly.

Managing ireful companies is the new brief for the immature work forces and adult females taking calls at these outsourced occupation centres. Supervisors tell them to be ‘cool’ . Avinash Vashistha. pull offing spouse of NEOIT. a taking US-based consultancy house says. “Companies involved in outsourcing both in the US and India are already acquiring a batch of hate mail against outsourcing and it is barely surprising that some people should act like this on the telephone. ” Vashistha says Indian call Centres should develop their operators how to manage such calls.IIBM Institute of Business ManagementExamination Paper: Semester II Indeed.

the fad raised by the Western media over occupation losingss because of outsourcing has made ordinary citizens at that place sensitive to the fact that their calls are being taken non from their thick. but in states such as India and the Philippines. The angry outbursts the operators face boundary line on the racialist and male chauvinist. says the director of a call Centre in Hyderabad.

But operators and senior executives of call Centres refuse to travel on record for fright of kicking up a contention that might ensue in their companies’ losing clients overseas. “It’s go oning frequently plenty and so let’s face it. ” says a senior executive of a Gurgaon call Centre. adding. “This doesn’t have any impact on concern. ” Questions 1. Suppose you are working as an operator in a call Centre in India and having calls from Americans and Londoners.

How would you manage such calls? 2. Make you hold with the position such opprobrious occurrences on the telephone do non hold any impact on concern? End OF SECTION BSection C: Applied Theory ( 30 Markss ) ? ? ? ? This subdivision consists of Applied Theory Questions. Answer all the inquiries.

Each inquiry carries 15 Markss. Detailed information should organize the portion of your reply ( Word limit 200 to 250 words ) .1.

What is meant by Communication Barriers? How and why do they happen? What can be done to get the better of the Barriers to Communication? 2. Define and explicate the term Negotiation and besides briefly explain the stages of Negotiation.


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