Business in India or China Essay

1. Contemporary best-selling management books often argue that customers are the most important element in the external environment. Do you agree? In what company situations might this statement be untrue? Ans.

:- I think Customers are really very important element in the external environment of any company but not fully. This is true that if there will be no customers to purchase the things than how can we any company can grow or stand in market? So customer’s satisfaction and their demand is very major factor to the success of any business.I think all business organizations are dependent upon their customers, if they do not develop cutomer loyality and satisfaction than they can loose their customers. And without Customers the organization would not exist. Customers satisfaction is at the heart of the selling process.

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So I am agree with this statement that customers are the most important element in the external environment. I don’t think that there will be any company or organization exists which is not affected without customers. 2. Both china and india are rising economic powers.How might your approach to doing business with communist china be different from your approach to doing business with India, the world’s most populous democracy? In which country would you expect to encounter the most rules? The most bureaucracy? Ans.

:- Well as we know that India and china both are rising in economic powers very fastly. Both countries among the most ancient civilizations and their economies are influenced by a number of social, political, economical and other factors. Both countries have huge labour & workers.

As we can say that both countries have huge market potential.But according to me, I want to approach to china for doing business rather than India. Because In India there are, fair competition exists in domestic and foreign investors.

On the other hand, Chinese government has given special preferences to the foreigners. Specialy in india, there are too taxation system so business in india is expensive than china. In India there is boom in IT sector which made this into a favorable destination to investors. China is much strong in manufacturing sector. But china is ahead to in terms of attractingFDI (Foreign Direct Investment) than india.

There are too critical Bureaucracy system in india, and still government is not doing much efforts to attract the foreign investers in India. May be it can be a major reason. There are an another part of both countries is Socio-culture. It means that both countries have social norms.

In china, the successful business is generally depend on the developing and maintaining strong social relationships and networks. So its essential for the foreigners to study Chinese customs before entering the market.On the other hand, In india there is still a tradition of caste system. Many workers are still employed based on their caste rather than their skill. So this may be an obstacle for foreign companies to investing in related areas.

3. Consider the chairs you have seen in an office. How does the assistant’s chair, the manager’s chair, and executive chair differ? What do the difference mean? Ans. :- I think the culture of the office demanded that the distinct difference exist between the chairs that the employees use and manager use and the Executive used.Well Executive sat in a straight-backed chair with no mobility, As design of his chair eliminated the arms and cushioned seats, the executive’s chair became a large, upholseterd chair with closed arms and wide, luxurious seats. For manager’s chair, I think chair should be heavy but with tilting mechanism and also a fatigue reducing device on the bottom of the chair seat. Because of this device, moving forward or backward will enable the chair move with you in order to provide support.

It should be proper cushioned with fabric or leather.For the assistance, moderate chair should be perfect, because he have need to run between your desk to other areas throughout the day. So knee-tilt mechanism kind of chair should be considerd to the assistant.

The difference between chairs, depend on the status and work of the individual. An executive will be mostly sit in his seat with no mobility so his chair should be much comfortable to allow him to seating without any problem. Same this kind of manager’s chair should be comfortable but should be able to moving frequently according to need.

Assistance have need to move here n there all the day so his chair should not be so heavy. Here is workability is matter rather than anything. 4. What can you do now as a student- both inside and outside the classroom- to train yourself to be a more effective manager in an increasingly global business environment? Ans. First of all I will try to concentrate on my teacher’s lecture in the class room, because during lecture we can learn many factors which are happening in society. So than I will try to search more on all the factors and facts of social activities.I will try to communicate with all my colleagues about our social system and its positive and negative effects. A proper timing, routine and behave will be in priority.

In the outside of class I will try to be social and communication to others. I will try to know about the stretigies of business i. e. the factors to whom a business can effect. I will try to use all new technologies.

From facebook, twitter, Orkut and other social sites we can aware the other peoples, we can encourage them to use new technology and some other ways from them we can change the any spoiled or bad system. That’s it.


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