Business Intelligence Essay

As Business Intelligence ( BI ) becomes a critical constituent of day-to-day operations. real-time informations warehouses ( DW ) that provide terminal users with rapid updates and qui vives generated from transactional systems are progressively being deployed. Real-time informations repositing and BI. back uping its aggressive Go Forward concern program. hold helped Continental Airlines alter its industry position from “worst to first” and so from “first to favourite” . Continental Airlines is a leader in real-time BI. In 2004. Continental won the Data Warehousing Institute’s Best Practices and Leadership Award.

Large Problems

Continental Airlines was founded in 1934. with a single-engine Lockheed aircraft in the Southwestern U. S. As of 2006. Continental ( Houston ) is the 5th largest air hose in the United States and the 7th largest in the universe. Continental has the broadest planetary path web of any U. S. air hose. with more than 2. 300 day-to-day goings to more than 227 finishs.

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Back in 1994. Continental was in deep fiscal problem. It had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection twice and was heading for its 3rd. and likely concluding. bankruptcy. Ticket gross revenues were aching because public presentation on factors that are of import to clients was blue. including a low per centum of on-time goings. frequent luggage reaching jobs. and excessively many clients turned off due to overbooking.


The resurgence of Continental began in 1994. when Gordon Bethune became CEO and initiated the Go Forward program. which consisted of four interconnected parts to be implemented at the same time. Bethune targeted the demand to better customer-valued public presentation steps by better understanding client demands every bit good as client perceptual experiences of the value of services that were and could be offered. Fiscal direction patterns were besides targeted for a important inspection and repair. Equally early as 1998. the air hose had separate databases for selling and operations. all hosted and managed by outside sellers. Processing questions and inciting selling plans to its high-value clients were time-consuming and uneffective. In add-on. information that the work force needed to do speedy determinations was merely non available. In 1999. Continental chose to incorporate its selling. IT. gross. and operational information beginnings into a individual. in-house. endeavor informations warehouse ( EDW ) . The information warehouse provided a assortment of early. major benefits.

Equally shortly as Continental returned to profitableness and ranked foremost in the air hose industry in many public presentation prosodies. Bethune and his direction squad raised the saloon by intensifying the vision. Alternatively of merely executing best. they wanted Continental to be their customers’ favorite air hose. The Go Forward program established more actionable ways to travel from first to favourite among clients. Technology became progressively critical for back uping these new enterprises. In the early yearss. holding entree to historical. integrated information was sufficient. This produced significant strategic value. But it became progressively imperative for the informations warehouse to supply real-time. actionable information to back up enterprise-wise tactical determination devising and concern procedures.

Fortunately. the warehouse squad had expected and arranged for the real-time displacement. From the really get downing. the squad had created an architecture to manage real-time informations provenders into the warehouse. infusions of informations from bequest systems into the warehouse. and tactical questions to the warehouse that required about immediate response times. In 2001. real-time informations became available from the warehouse. and the sum stored grew quickly. Continental moves real-time informations ( runing from to-the-minute to hourly ) about clients. reserves. check-ins. operations. and flights from its chief operational systems to the warehouse. Continental’s real-time applications include the followers:

• Revenue direction and accounting
• Customer relationship direction ( CRM )
• Crew operations and paysheet
• Security and fraud
• Flight operations


In the first twelvemonth entirely. after the information warehouse undertaking was deployed. Continental identified and eliminated over $ 7 million in fraud and decreased costs by $ 41 million. With a $ 30 million investing in hardware and package over six old ages. Continental has reached over $ 500 million in increased grosss and cost nest eggs in selling. fraud sensing. demand prediction and trailing. and improved informations centre direction. The individual. integrated. sure position of the concern ( i. e. the individual version of the truth ) has led to better. faster determination devising.

Continental is now identified as a leader in real-time BI. based on its scalable and extensile architecture. practical determinations in what informations are captured in real-time. strong relationships with terminal users. a little and extremely competent informations warehouse staff. reasonable deliberation of strategic and tactical determination support demands. apprehension of the synergisms between determination support and operations. and changed concern procedures that use real-time informations.


1. Describe the benefits of implementing the Continental Go Forward scheme.

2. Explain why it is of import for an air hose to utilize a real-time information warehouse.

3. Analyze the undermentioned sample system end product screen. Describe how it can help the user in placing jobs and chances.

Extracted from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. teradata. com/t/page/139245/

4. Identify the major differences between the traditional informations warehouse and a real-time information warehouse. as was implemented at Continental.

5. What strategic advantage can Continental deduce from the real-time system as opposed to a traditional information system?

Extra information on Continental Airlines extracted from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. teradata. com/t/page/139245/

Continental tonss with Teradata and Hyperion

Continental Airlines. the world’s sixth largest air hose. was late named the “most admired planetary airline” by Fortune magazine. But Continental wasn’t ever so extremely acclaimed. In 1994. it ranked 10th out of 10 air hoses assessed by U. S. Department of Transportation prosodies. The air hose knew small about its of import clients. set menus and agendas utilizing conventional industry premises. conducted contract dialogues blindly and fought fraud merely after the harm was done. Continental’s turn around dramatically demonstrates how a information warehouse execution and strategic usage of BI—in this instance. Teradata and Hyperion. respectively—can enable a company to achieve competitory advantage. In fact. Continental’s earned it Gartner’s 2005 BI Excellence Award.

Continental developed an endeavor informations theoretical account that simplifies the connection of different capable countries to supply a individual position of information for the BI environment. The theoretical account can back up any question a user asks. Twenty-seven beginning systems feed the information warehouse. including agendas. stock list. reserves. OnePass ( Continental’s frequent circular plan ) and employee/crew paysheet. More than 1. 100 people use Continental’s Teradata/Hyperion-based system. The individual. integrated. sure position of the concern has produced benefits runing from better. faster decision-making to more than $ 500 million in cost nest eggs. every bit good as incremental gross from many enterprises that required BI information. The CRM and selling squad at Continental offers a conservative estimation of $ 150 million in gross additions and $ 25 million in cost nest eggs and fraud bar.


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