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Assume you are compiling your research report. What are the limitations of this study? The limitation section of the research report should objectively present the shortcomings of the methodologies or implementation difficulties (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). These difficulties could include the areas of research design, sampling design, data collection, and data analysis (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). Therefore, one limitation would be the sample sized used to collect the studies data.For instance, Petron Media disbursed 4,000 surveys to the target population and only 710 surveys were returned.

Subsequently, Petron Media did not have a good representation of the population they were seeking as a whole. According to Price, Murnan, Drake, Dimmig, & Hayes a survey return rate decreases from 100%, meaning it decreases the effectiveness in capturing the perceptions of the population (as cited in Price & Murnan, 2004). If an inadequate survey return rate exists, the external validity of the results may be skewed (as cited in Price & Murnan, 2004).In the case study, the survey return rate was 17. 75%. Additionally, the study is only a representation of current and past customers.

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Therefore, it is not a sample of the entire population, which has or had a yearly subscription to a particular magazine (Drechsler & Natter, 2012). Also, these individuals tend to have higher incomes from which they can subscribe to a yearly subscription. Therefore, the data again could be skewed slightly because lower income individuals are really not accounted for in this research.Another, limitation would be there were forty-two different customer types of seven industry groups by six job titles, meaning it would be difficult to establish if the decline in service reader cards was the same across all industries and job titles or if there was a limitation to certain industries. Lastly, the two year-groups (1992 and 1997) that were selected were based on no particular fact.

Therefore, it does not show there is a relationship between the groups in conducting the research.If different year groups were selected, the results could have easily been much different than those of the 1992 and 1997 year group. Therefore, the validity of the questionnaire items is unconvinced. Accordingly, the worth of data from a survey study hinges on whether or not people give true and accurate answers (Welch, 1985). The survey was complicated and there is a high potential for respondents to error. 9. Assume you are the decision maker for Industry Week. Given the declining alue of the reader response card to subscribers, originally designed as a value-enhancing service to IW readers and advertisers alike, what further research might be suggested by the findings of this study? Or do you have sufficient information to stop the use of the reader response cards in Industry Week? Based off the results of the aforementioned survey, further research would need to be conducted for this study as one does not know if the trend of declination in the reader service cards is across all industry groups or just a selected few.

Information technology has impacted some industry groups; however, the reader service cards still may have some relevance in some industries. Therefore, a recommendation would be to change the contact information on the reply cards to make measuring the responses more unique. Penton could create a specific email address or a special web link and include that on the reader service card. These specialty email or web link should only be used for the cards. This would allow the company to know for sure any customer contact that showed up on that particular email address or web link was a direct result of the reader service card.Moreover, by using this method, Penton is creating its own version of the research study. The data collected could be used as supplementary information in addition to the information from initial surveys completed.

If there is an extremely small response rate to the updated service cards, then the recommendation would be to discontinue their use. In many cases, simply altering the data on the cards can be enough to allow the end user to see more value in the response.The addition of some technological means of response could raise the value of this enhanced service to the readers. References Cooper, D. R. , & Schindler, P. S. (2011).

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