Business Memo: Coffee Shop Project Plan Package Essay

For being able to execute the coffee shop project successfully, there needs to be proper preparation and planning, where all the things are well thought out and a structured plan on all aspects drawn that would help in successfully and reliably executing the project. This would be a key value add from a project management perspective, that would ensure that a complex project that has got multiple things to take care of would be planned and thought of, thus helping the project to be a success.In addition to it, there needs to be a lot of communication and coordination that would ensure that the project objectives are met in an effective manner. To this end, the project plan and communication plan for the coffee shop project.

The project plan has got much different aspect that would ensure that there is enhanced communication, while putting together a comprehensive plan that would ensure that the project is being executed in a streamlined and effective fashion.For the Coffee Shop project, we have come up with a complete project package that is one document that would give complete information about the project, and would be a ready reference from a management and communication perspective. The project is identified in terms of its scope and requirements, the various tasks are identified and included as a work breakdown structure, resources are identified and assignments shown, key aspects such as risk management and communication plan are included in the project plan package.

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