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Globo GymEnergy consumption, carbon emissions, and lack of physical fitness are all alarming issues in today’s society. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a company that could consume almost no external energy, had an extremely small carbon footprint, and promoted physical fitness at the same time? Well such a company does exist in Globo Gym, a revolutionary, highly innovative exercise facility company that incorporates some of the most unique exercise equipment in their facilities. The equipment used in Globo Gym’s facilities is of cutting-edge technology that in basic principle converts kinetics into energy. Most gyms house all kinds of exercise equipment that has simply been put there for the purpose and benefit of the user (i.e.

a person uses the equipment and becomes healthier and/or more fit).However, not much thought goes into the movements and energy expenses that the user implements in order to do a workout, and even less thought goes into how to harness this energy expense and use it. This is the breakthrough concept behind Globo Gym facilities. All the equipment in the gyms is able to convert the kinetic energy of the users into electric energy that can be used to perform a number of actions, such as help in powering the building, charge devices that the user may have, and any other use of power. From treadmills, to bicycles, to weight machines that use cable, all these types of gym equipment are fully functional electric generators in Globo Gym. This concept is very new to America and the world as a whole. As all countries look toward more innovative and renewable sources of energy, this gym equipment concept is on the cutting-edge of these environmental desires.

This gym facility and equipment innovation would mesh very well in the country of Spain. Much like America, Spain is governed by a democracy, and with one of the world’s top ten economies, a gym as unique as Globo Gym would have great potential to thrive. According to, the Spanish government gives a substantial amount of support and gratitude to the entrepreneurial spirit, due to much of the country’s current businesses originating in that manner and the desire of the country to continue it in the future.

Not only does the market in Spain support growing businesses, but it also is very interested in clean energy and is one of the larger users of renewable energy in Europe. Spain has also seen a decline in physical fitness in recent years, and a gym like Globo Gym could be just what Spanish citizens need to increase fitness. Advertising this gym, as an efficient and green facility that emits a very small carbon footprint, would cause many people in Spain to, at the very least look into this inventive technology, if not fully join the gym as a member.It is evident that there is a market in Spain that could highly support a gym of this caliber of clean energy as well as top fitness. An important aspect behind this gym concept that can allow it to flourish in nearly any market, especially Spain’s, is the fact that it provides a great motivation for people to work out. In a country like Spain, where many citizens have a keen sense of the environment, a concept of clean energy production would peak interest. Combining that with a great workout facility will result in gym members being very motivated to come and workout, not only to help better themselves, individually, but to also help better the environment.

A reason why Globo Gym can be so confident in an expansion is due to the success it has had and momentum it carries in America. Much like Spain, America and its citizens have turned more of their attention to clean energy and smaller carbon emissions. Not to mention America has always been an excellent place to display technological innovations, much like the power generation from Globo Gym’s equipment. Globo Gym has been going strong in America for almost 3 years (since opening the first facility in New Orleans, Louisiana) and has fully expanded its equipment sales from coast to coast, with the expansion of facilities following the same trajectory.The uniqueness of the equipment used in Globo Gym’s facilities makes it appealing to anyone who works out and very appealing to anyone who is concerned about the environment.

There is no better product on the market that combines effectiveness, practicality, and environmental friendliness. There is no need to worry about the stability of the Globo Gym Company due to its continued success in America and the momentum that it has to continue to grow.An important aspect with any business, looking for investments in order to expand, is the high probability of return of what the investors put in.Expanding into the strong entrepreneurial market in Spain, which has a high interest and demand for clean, renewable energy, one can expect a fairly positive reaction from people in Spain. This positive reaction results in profit. However, investors may worry about the impact and activity that they, personally, will be having in this company. Due to the inquiry of expanding into Spain, Globo Gym is very interested in allowing investors in Spain or other investors familiar with Spain and its economy to manage and be a liaison to Globo Gym operations in Spain.This can result in very high returns for an investor.

In conjuncture with investors becoming active in managing facilities in Spain, it should be mentioned how cheap a Globo Gym facility can be to run. Most operational gyms’ expenditures are on lighting and air conditioning; however, a Globo Gym facility, with enough use from members, can nearly cut out the expenditure on lighting due to the amount of power the building can receive from the equipment being used. This makes for a very manageable and inexpensive facility to maintain, which essentially adds to profit.

Another key aspect about Globo Gym’s operations in America, that will be carried over in its expansion into Spain, is the selling of the power generating equipment, used in the gyms, to people for use in their own homes. Through the company a person can purchase any type of equipment that is used in Globo Gym facilities, and it can be shipped to their door. This aspect of the company’s operations can also provide a great return for investors, even in areas or situations where a facility may not be profitable.

Even if people do not want to become a member of one of the gyms, they can still purchase the innovative equipment for use in their own home, which can be used to help power their home or for any other use for electricity.To accomplish continuing success in America and expansion into Spain, the company, Globo Gym, must be managed correctly and brought up to its utmost potential. Each Globo Gym facility is run by a highly skilled manager, who has both a passion for fitness and environmental well-being. Managers are also responsible for overseeing the advertisement of, not only the gym, but also the equipment within it. Managers as well as gym staff should encourage users to consider purchasing one of Globo Gym’s exercising machines for use in their own home.

Facilities also have technicians/personal trainers who are trained to handle minor issues with the power generating equipment as well as be hired by members to be fitness trainers. All the manufacturing and online sales of the equipment are centered in New Orleans, Louisiana.Managers and workers at this manufacturing center are fully trained in the assembly and distribution of the power generating equipment.

An expansion that would take place overseas in Spain would call for the company, Globo Gym, to send technicians to Spain in order to train local workers in the area to manufacture and understand the equipment that Globo Gym uses. Through these managerial processes that currently run Globo Gym and new ones that will be implemented as a result of an expansion, this company can run efficiently and effectively both in America and in Spain. Luis the Conclusion is below:A company such as Globo Gym is an excellent investment for any venture capitalist. The momentum that the company has in America is a great indication of future progress in America as well as in other countries, such as Spain. Not to mention Spain’s market has great accommodations for a company like Globo Gym.

The support that the government has for entrepreneurs and clean energy is a perfect fit for this company. Also the uniqueness of the power generating exercise machines that Globo Gym uses appeals to a wide range of users from fitness to environmental enthusiasts. The management of the company and the facilities has worked very well for the time that this company has been running and can continue through the expansion. Investors will be pleased with the return of their venture not only in a monetary sense but also in an influential sense within the expansion of the company.

The cash flow from gym memberships and people purchasing the equipment for their own home as well as the inexpensiveness of running a Globo Gym facility (due to the cheap power cost) will cause most people to be glad they invested. This company is more interested in an IFRS standpoint, because of the fact that the IFRS principles in accounting is better than GAAP, especially as the world moves toward a more globalized network. As a final note, the goal of Globo Gym is to provide people with an environmentally friendly and fitness encouraged facility to exercise.The goal of this company is to help people become more motivated to exercise because through the use of any of Globo Gym’s facilities, members are not just exercising to better themselves, but also to better the environment, and that extra motivation will keep members coming back and keep production of clean energy going.


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