Business Systems That Have Been Hacked Essay

The concept of technological environment is considered to be the most dramatic force in today’s time, which has been shaping our destinies in a continuous fashion.

Technology has released wonders in all the fields possible and has greatly been affecting mankind, whether be it robotics, medical science, miniature electronics or businesses engaged in the online market. Almost all the organizations today are connected to the masses through websites which can be availed at cheap costs, and in a lot of cases, even free of expenditure.The credit for this situation can be attributed to the technological advancements made in the field of internet and online business. It is said that there were less than 15,000 domains back in the early ass’s, contrasting the huge figures of 192 million registered domains back in December 2009. Such statistics are proof enough of the fact, how more and more organizations have an individual and distinct entity in the virtual world of e-commerce. This has made the buyer-seller interaction easier and pretty effective. The critics do not hesitate to say that in the coming days, the virtual market might surpass the actual racket.

In the recent past few months of this year, a number of tech companies have been hacked into, a few of them being Faceable, Apple, Burger King, the New York Times and NBC. It is believed by some that the responsible parties for such cyber attack has been the Chinese Government, although no concrete proof has been dug out to support the same. The statistics by Symantec, the company behind the creation of Norton Anti-virus state that almost 40% of the cyber attacks committed in the year 2012 were aimed at business organizations with staff strength of not more than 300.Almost all the companies having a domain on the internet are prone to cyber attacks, given the tools and medium of hacking being cheap and effective. Body Manias Motor Company or Manias we know in short was hacked into by professional hackers on the 13th of April, 2012. The company announced to its customers about the hacking into the security two weeks after it took place, and stated that the hackers were after the intellectual property of the motor giant’s electric driven drive train system.Niacin’s computer systems were compromised and the information system was hacked into, although there are no concrete evidence if the intellectual repertory was the target of the hackers.

It is also believed, on the other hand, that the cyber criminals got into the online network to the company and stole employees’ surnames and their encrypted passwords. It was added by the then Executive Vice President, Mr.. Andy Palmer, that, “however, we believe that user IDs and hashed passwords were transmitted.

We have no indication that any personal information and emails have been compromised. The Japanese giant stated that some abnormalities were noticed by the IT official, the presence of a chunk of malicious mallard which had solely targeted the employees’ go-in details and was in the process of transmitting the same back to an outside server. Manias reverted back to the queries of its customers and shareholders by stating that it had taken effective measures to counter-attack the hack by securing its system. It also alerted its customer-base, employees and shareholders regarding the unfortunate illegal cyber-attack.

It is to be noted that the company took 10 days to respond about the hack, which was questioned by a lot of people. According to me, the company should have taken immediate measures to inform the respective customers and shareholders about the attack, since their privacy was also encroached upon. Other than the company’s security breach, the details of its customers, employees and shareholders were also at stake, and hence, the company should not have dilly-dallied in coming out with the truth of its security breach.A long period of 10 days was taken by the company, in order to effectively fix the breach and construct a stronger security system to protect its online network. This was totally uncalled for, since the prospective customers already lost a lot of their trust in he company, due to the time taken by them to announce the cyber-attack. Moreover, the However, Reuters on the other hand believe that the time was taken to come out with the truth since the company was yet to fix the glitch and did not want the world to know about it, as they feared chances of yet another hacking into the company’s computer systems.Let us assume that Manias was engaged in using the services of a third party accounting system, say, BBC Corps, for managing its global accounting activities, their entries and globalizes integration into the company’s computer system. Under such circumstances, the following would be the level of responsibility of BBC Corps to Manias and its clients: * Identification of the glitch and whether it was the service’s provider’s fault: The service provide must ensure that the glitch in the company’s computer systems did not exist due to improper work mechanism by the third party.

Attempts should be made to reach out to its affected consumers, and adequate compensation be provided in case of its own fault. * Structuring of a better software with wider scope of accountability in case of leaks: the Company providing he service should undergo Research and Development expenses for formulating a software with better capabilities of protecting the accounting records of the * Chalking out plans to convey the breach to the customers and other company. Interested parties in the best way possible: BBC Corps is also entrusted with the task of communicating about the hack to the company officials in case it is first observed by them, so that combined actions might be taken to protect the security system.

Moreover, the company should also take steps to inform the respective interested arties about the cyber-attack, Witt ensuring that proper and actual details are let out for the same. “Nowadays, every company with an Internet connection is a potential victim.Hackers used to focus Just on high-value organizations, like financial corporations, but now the tools are so efficient and cheap that hackers can afford to attack anyone and everyone around the clock,” said Dry. Paul Judge, vice president and Chief Research Officer of Barracuda Networks, which offers IT support and data protection services.

Http://smelliness’s. Businesses. Com/technology-web/2013/02/19/5-steps-to- covers-after-your-business-has-been-hacked/ However, ensuring that better security measures are undertaken and the concerned parties to the company are duly informed about such cyber attacks is not all that should be executed.Cyber- attacks are on a phenomenal rise, which if not curbed at the right stage might lead to worse real-life situations like a fire sale. It is said that 20% of the security threats faced globally is due to the results created by the malicious code which was the same reason behind Niacin’s attack. Thus we see that only measures for better protection of security software is not the ultimate solution. Today, if Manias develops better meaner of protecting its information systems data, on the other hand, the hackers are also developing better tools to play around with a company’s computer systems simultaneously.Hence a company cannot Just entirely put focus on adopting better meaner of combat drives against hackers, but apart from that there lies a need for companies to come together and raise their Joint issues for the want of Justified legal actions against these hackers.

Now, one questions what will legal actions do any good? To answer this, it can be stated that if one person is stopped from doing ring, the other might restrict himself from any kind of involvement in illegal activities, on seeing the adverse legal laws that are built for treating the pathos of cyber crime.Apart from this, steps may be adopted to rightly acknowledge the talent of the hackers and give them better opportunities to perform the same Job, but at the same time, be on the good side. A perfect example would be of Robert Tappet Morris, who is now currently at the post of an MIT professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, but formerly was one of the most acknowledged Ames of the cyber-crime world, particularly infamous for releasing a “worm” which nearly destroyed 6,000 UNIX based computers.Thus it can be summarized that apart from taking steps like making the security protection of the information systems stronger, one could take the path to rightly ‘reward’ or ‘punish’ these expert hackers. In order to protect businesses from the hands of these professional hackers, I would like to give the following recommendations: 1 . Data encryption: “Anytime you’re storing important data, when the data is at rest–which meaner it isn’t being reanimated over the internet somehow–you want it encrypted. ” says Steve Sullen, Senior Vice President of SMB and Cloud at Symantec, Norton Antivirus. Http:// www.

Entrepreneur. Mom/article/225468 Experts suggest that full-disk encryption tools be turned on always on any desktop/ laptop such that every file gets encrypted, and cannot be hacked while the computer is not being used. 2. Putting a lock on the network of the business house: Business houses using the wireless fidelity TTY should ensure keeping a password tort them, as hackers might make use of open networks to gain access to financial information ND other such data through a technique which is known in the computer world as “hardwiring”.

Sullen suggests that passwords should be made from an absurd combination of numbers, letters and random characters.They’d need a computer working on it for a million years to crack the code. ” http://www. Entrepreneur.

Com/ article/225468 3. Ensuring availability of anti-mallard and anti-virus software on the computer systems: Anti-virus and anti-mallard software protect the computer from various viruses, spam and worms which infect the computer and make them vulnerable to hackers. 4. Taking third party security firms on hire: Having an expert hired, companies can be alert and aware of the safety issues of their security fences around the company’s computer systems. .

Providing basic knowledge to employees: The employees of the organization should be motivated to be vigilant enough to look out for suspicious activities in the computer systems, and basic knowledge about identifying such mallards and viruses should be given to them.


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