Discussion of findings: Background:As saying, the concept of psychopathy is still vague, due to the fact that it was a multiple trails disorder rather than a single-symptom disease. Psychopathy was considered the “most dangerous” and complicated personality disorder (Hare et…

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Letter of Motivation

Letter of Motivation: Nezza NehemiahApplicant for January 2018 admission for the 23rd World Congress of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (IACAPAP) Adopt a Delegate ProgramDear IACAPAP 2018 Congress, Adopt a Delegate Program CommitteeWith this…

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How theprocess of determination of the Ministry for State Security of the GermanDemocratic Republic influence the eastern German culture?Twohundred tons of authentic material loaded with individual records on around tenmillion individuals from Eastern and Western Germany. Forty million file cardswith…

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Richard Nellari               The freedom of religionand freedom from religion In Lautsi vs. Italy, the applicant considered the school’spractice of displaying the crucifix in each classroom to be contrary to theprinciple of secularism which she wanted for her children. She believed she…

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